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UC302 – Beats from the Boot, #13

Ciao amici Beat! You wouldn’t have thought it, but here we are back again with the 13th part of Italian Beat and Pop fun! I admit, to find “new". i.e. never compiled tracks, you have to scrape the bottom of the Barolo barrel, and don't frown to meet some crooners, Italian Kitsch masters and elvisses imposters that have become very famous in their home land, such as Little Tony, Edoardo Vianello, John Foster, Fausto Leali, Teo Teocoli, and Umberto Tozzi. Furthermore tho’, there are newcomers like Cab2, Le Scimmie, Piccola Pupa and the Romans from OZ I’m sure you’ll hear the very first time here (unless you’re not an insane youtube u& blog digger like me, that is). So enjoy another charge of hits and non hits that spans from 59 to 71 and from pre-Beat to Psychedelia to Soul, including some MiR side shots.  Buon ascolto, amici!

PS: Special thanks must go out to youtube Aniello Salatiello and all other youtubers I listed in the booklet. Greetings to my friends at fb Beat & Rock'n'Roll Italiano (https://www.facebook.com/groups/160225698043329/) !.

01/ Little Tony & His Brothers - Johnny B Goode
02/ Little Tony & His Brothers - I don't care if the sun don't shine
03/ Marc Aryan - Le Mie Vacanze (Coi Soldi Tuoi) (F)
04/ John Foster - Eri un'abitudine
05/ Paki & Paki - Ragazzi come noi
06/ Edoardo Vianello & Flippers - Il Peperone
07/ Romans - Number One (OZ)
08/ Equipe '84 - Prima di cominciare
09/ Equipe '84 - Cominciam a suonar le chitarre
10/ Rocketti, I - Ha Ha
11/ John Foster - È troppo facile
12/ Fausto Leali & Novelty - Se qualcuno cerchasse di me
13/ Gene Guglielmi - La luna,le stelle, il mare
14/ Cab2 - La fetta di Felicità
15/ Cab2 - Quella sera
16/ Quelli - La ragazza Ta Ta Ta
17/ Paki & Paki & Nuovi Angeli - L'ora più lunga
18/ Piccola Pupa - Peccato il nostro amore (US, CA / I)
19/ Squali '66 - La ragazza dell'estate
20/ Group - See-Saw
21/ Gianni Davoli & Eccentrici - I've lost you
22/ Box Tops - Mi sento felice (US, TN)
23/ Four Kents - La Lettera
24/ Four Kents - Sei lontana
25/ Wess & Airedales - Perchè sei Beat perchè sei Pop
26/ Patrick Samson Set - Lo capirei da te
27/ Raph & Copertoni - Nero
28/ Scimmie, Le - Che Vita é
29/ Tano La Leggia - Sei Una Bambina
30/ Tombstones - Non sei tu

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