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eYeGeNeYe Prod. - Kid's Hits - A Child's Guide to Garage-Music - pt. Six

Hi Kids (and all people with childish minds)! You’ve waited a long time, but finally here‘s more songs for all of you who are curious about that Garage music craze this site is all about. Once again, you’ll be listening to groups and artists from all the world, tho’ I’m not sure all songs I’ve collected were penned specially for children. Moreover, you might ask yourself what Spaghetti and Baccala, Yogi Bear, and Mickey Mouse have to do with, say the Seeds or Music Machine? At any rate, you’ll be introduced to some most attracting new dances like the Baby’s Boogie, the 4 Gears and the Dog’s Surf, learning a lot of interesting new words, like Ai au a et i ae, Kili Kili Watch and Kann-Gu-Wa. You never know when they might become useful, don’t you? Finally, I’m afraid there’s some songs in the book that are not really educational, talking about the Bomb, Tequila with Lemon and Rum, even mentioning the Mafia (Mazzarino) and suggesting to set your schoolbooks on fire (Les cahiers au feu)! As nearly all tunes clock in in less that 2’03" (kids will get bored after that), I’ve managed to stash 34 pieces on my CD. Maybe you’ll like one or two songs specially (my favorites are Bikini e Tamburé, Abra Kadrabra and What's a Wooly Bully). So I hope you’ll have some bold and unabashed fun, just like children can get (and don’t forget to put the apostrophe between Kid and sHits! )

01/ Alicia Granados - Profesor - ESP
02/ Angelo's Angles - Spring Cleaning - US, IL
03/ Barimar's, I - Spaghetti e Baccala - I
04/ Blue Chips - One Hen - US, NY
05/ Bob Azzam et son Orchestra - Fais-Moi du Cous Cous Cherie - F
06/ Carr Twins - Kili Watch - CHI
07/ Carriage Trade - Rag Mama - US, ?
08/ Chiodi, I - Ai au a et i ae - I
09/ Collins Kids - Shortening Bread - US, OK
10/ Corvets, Los - Bala Bala - ECQ
11/ Evy - 1+1=1 - F
12/ Guidone - Poi Poi Poi - I
13/ Harold - Es Surf del Perro - COL
14/ Harold - Mickey Mouse - COL
15/ Jack Owens - Martian Love Call - US, IL
16/ Janie Grant - That greasy Kid stuff - US, NJ
17/ Jokers - Yogi - CAN
18/ Leroy Pullins - Meter Maid - US, TN
19/ Loud Jets, Los - El Boogie de la Ninera - MX
20/ Manolo Munoz - Mi carrachito - MX
21/ Matematicos, Los - Tequila con limon - MX
22/ Michelino & il suo Complesso - Bikini e tamuré - I
23/ Michelino & il suo Complesso - Shakin' Club - I
24/ Peos, I - Mazzarino - I
25/ Piccola Pupa - Skateboard - US, ? / I
26/ Pick-Ups, Los - La Bomba - ARG
27/ Pick-Ups, Los - Corre Gonzales - ARG
28/ Quattro Vaganbondi - Abra Kadabra - I
29/ Rockin' Devils, Los - Loco - MX
30/ Scholars - Kann-Gu-Wa - US, TX
31/ Screaming Lord Jim & Piccadilly Squares - What's a Wooly Bully - US, GA
32/ Sinners, Los - La Batalla - MX
33/ Touistitis, Les - Les cahiers au feu - F
34/ Turks - Hully Gully - US, CA

Shortening Bread in comments!
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