michaelvee (michaelvee) wrote,

eYeGeNeYe productions presents: Un-Lost Tommyknockers, R.i.P. # 15

Well, it seems the Tommyknockers are firing their missiles once again cross the Pond. I’m happy to announce that I have saved 28 more corpora delicti from the vaults of the British catacombs, and I’m sure his Magnificence the Lolly Pope (RiP) would have picked them as well. (Hi mate, we never talked about the Bonzos but I’m sure they’re your fave Brit group as well). We start from some early Beat records and cover versions like Respectable, I Like It, that equal or even top the originals, and will finally hear some late 60s soft syke, but don’t be afraid, no lame slouches here! You will meet a few better known groups and artists though most combos were completely unknown to me and have never seen the light of any compilation. Plus some rare acetates and demo recordings, and 2 live tracks taken from a Swedish TV station. (To my ears, The Ivyes’ Shout! is one of the fastest and best versions of the 40 tracks I collected!) (michaelvee.livejournal.com/62202.html).  I wonder if someone can shed a light on the unknown groups. So get on your knees, praise the great late initiator of this series, and I hope you will appreciate the work of your humble compiler Don Speculatius.

01/ Heinz - Questions I can't answer
02/ Heinz - The Beating of my Heart
03/ Johnny Carr & Cadillacs - Respectable
04/ Starlings (Sparrows?) - I like it
05/ Lee Curtis & All Stars - When I get paid
06/ Fair Set, A - Run around
07/ Ivyes - Bad tough luck girl (live on TV)
08/ Ivyes - Shout! (live on TV)
09/ Scotch - Schooldays
10/ Gene & Gents - Hound Dog
11/ Hi - Fi's - I wanna hear you say Yeah
12/ Undergrades - Calling you
13/ Pete Townshend - The Strip (acetate demo)
14/ Herbie's People - One little Smile
15/ Steve Darbishire - Alma Jones
16/ Lost - Problems Of Day - To Day Living (acetate)
17/ Lost - The Times are gone (acetate)
18/ Lost  - Bread Van (acetate)
19/ Kinetic - Letter to Rosetta
20/ Guy Darrell - Hard Lovin'
21/ Unquiet - [All I gotta do]
22/ Unquiet - [Hey Baby]
23/ Empty Vessels - My Son John
24/ Simon De Lacy - Baby come back to me
25/ Simon De Lacy - Goodbye Love
26/ Bunch - Red Rover, Red Rover
27/ Mirage - Mystery Lady
28/ Bonzo Dog Band - Give Booze a Chance (BBC recording)

Sacramental wine and altar bread in comments
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