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eYeGeNeYe productions proudly presents: - Embassy Budget Beat – 4Shillings and Sixpence at Woolies

Good idea to collect the Embassy Beat tracks. Although 30 songs of Woolworth’s cash in label are present in my own collection, there’s 45 more that have never been compiled and are good fun hearing after 5o+ years. I remember my mother coming home from her shopping with a anonymous “I want to hold your hand” single she bought at Woolies. Of course,  I soon found out that it was not the Beatles, so naturally I scorned it (eventually putting it on the record table many time when no one would watch). We know about the ID of the singers who had recorded for the label before (in a crooner style. mostly) , but who where the Typhoons, the Jaybirds the Starlings and the Beatmen? I guess we never will know, although some album liner notes from Embassy state the Typhoons were “Berry, John, Eddy and Danny“. (For sure, the Jaybirds were NOT the eponymous  Nottingham band led by Alvin Lee, dear discogs). At any rate, they must have been true professional session men, as they had to cover bands from the Zombies to the Pretty Things and songs from "How do you do?"to "Anyway anyhow anywhere". They succeeded quite well with it, playing and singing  in a stunningly fresh style, sometimes even topping the originals (like with “Everything’s alright", "Hubble Bubble", "I’m the one". “The Game of Love"), always close to the original hits although bringing in some sloppyness in playing which makes them sound iike a Punk band, in my ears . I doubt they had a chance to rehearse the songs in the recording studio as productions were done in a rush since the records had to be on the market within a few days. Maybe it’s those slight differences of interpretation that yield the listening fun. Embassy sold their products worldwide, from Canada to South Africa and from Sweden to even  the Lebanon, so I wonder how many people actually bought the singles and EPs, internationally. Probably much more than the ones who bought Freddy and the Dreamers or The Mojos , and the Mindbenders, so the Embassy groups should have their place in the international hit charts. More of the scarce info on the Embassy label in the booklet attached, if you’re interested. But probably you’ll just like to go through the chronological row of (British) hits from 1963 to 1965 (some recorded in shortened versions , as 2 songs had to be pressed on each single side). I have listed 20 more tracks that are missing and I will add a fourth CD to the set if you send them to me.  I hope you’ll enjoy the Best of the Budget Beat Hits!

01/ Ray Pilgrim - Let's dance
02/ Ray Pilgrim - Some kinda fun
03/ Typhoons - Please please me
04/ Typhoons - From me to you
05/ Les Carle - Bo Diddley
06/ Ray Pilgrim - Twist and shout
07/ Typhoons - All my loving
08/ Mike Redway - Bad to me
09/ Typhoons - Come on
10/ Typhoons - Surf City
11/ Typhoons - She loves you
12/ Typhoons - Hello little girl
13/ Mike Redway - Don't talk to him
14/ Mike Redway - I'll keep you satisfied
15/ Ray Pilgrim - Do you love me?
16/ Typhoons - I want to hold your hand
17/ Typhoons - Money
18/ Ray Pilgrim & Beatmen - 5-4-3-2-1
19/ Typhoons - I'm In Love
20/ Les Carle & Beatmen - I'm the one
21/ Typhoons - Needles & Pins
22/ Typhoons - Stay
23/ Typhoons - Hippy Hippy Shake
24/ Jaybirds - Over you
25/ Typhoons - Bits and Pieces

01/ Typhoons - Candy Man
02/ Jaybirds - Not Fade Away
03/ Jaybirds - You Can't Do That
04/ Typhoons - Can't buy me love
05/ Jaybirds - Hubble Bubble (Toil And Trouble)
06/ Typhoons - Everything's alright
07/ Typhoons - Don't throw your love away
08/ Jaybirds - Baby Let Me Take You Home
09/ Mike Redway & Terry Brandon - Nobody I know
10/ Typhoons - You're no good
11/ Ray Pilgrim & Beatmen - Hold me
12/ Bobby Stevens (Ray Pilgrim) - Shakin' all Over
13/ Redd Wayne & Beatmen - On the Beach
14/ Typhoons - Tell me why
15/ Typhoons - I should have known better
16/ Typhoons - Tobacco Road
17/ Typhoons - A hard day's night
18/ Starlings - Thinking Of You Baby
19/ Ray Pilgrim - Have I the right
20/ Jaybirds - She's Not There
21/ Typhoons - You Really Got Me
22/ Ray Pilgrim & Beatmen - Together
23/ Typhoons - I'm Cryin'
24/ Typhoons - Um - um - um - um - um - um
25/ Jaybirds - All Day And All Of The Night

01/ Terry Brandon & Beatmen - Don't Bring Me Down
02/ Typhoons - Little Red Rooster
03/ Starlings - Remember (Walkin in the sand)
04/ Jaybirds - What have they done to the rain
05/ Ray Pilgrim - Yeh, Yeh
06/ Typhoons - I feel fine
07/ Jaybirds - Go now
08/ Typhoons - Tired of waiting for you
09/ Typhoons - Baby please don't go
10/ Typhoons - The game of love
11/ Typhoons - Honey I need
12/ Typhoons - The last time
13/ Starlings - I Can't Explain
14/ Typhoons - For your love
15/ Typhoons - Here Comes The Night
16/ Typhoons - Ticket to Ride
17/ Typhoons - Bring it on home to me
18/ Typhoons - I'm alive
19/ Terry Brandon & Beatmen - The Price Of Love
20/ Jaybirds - Set Me Free
21/ Typhoons - Heart Full Of Soul
22/ Typhoons - Help!
23/ Jaybirds - Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
24/ Jaybirds - Somebody Help Me
Bonus track
25/ Bobby Stevens & Kay Barry - Come outside

Budget renderings in comments
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