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UC289 – 60s (mostly) Uncomped – US Garage Gems Vol. 42

It seems that the river (which might have become a creek) of never compiled 60s Gems is still running fine, since Vol. 41 was posted just a few weeks ago. You might have noticed that there were no more official compilations issued by the big labels in the last years and I’m not sure about the reasons why not to publish new comps with unheard recordings, like the ones I have fished in the net. Copyright issues? Avaricious hoarders who will never share their goodies? Bad audio quality? At any rate, I’m sure you will enjoy 30 more Gems, all uncomped, and all worth to be feature in a compilation with the Garage Gems title. You will meet unknown groups (tracks #1, Alias#1, Tight Little Unit), groups which were really another group (The Manchesters aka The Chartbusters), the One and Only Billy Shears (seems that’s really him!), and P.J. Proby’s hairdresser (track 30; James "Spider" Barbour). In between a few (more or less fake) live tracks from TV. Detailed (i.e scarce) info and flashy band pics in the booklet (Do you ever read them..?). Have fun y’all (and thank all youtube cannels I have mentioned in the booklet)!

01/ [unknown] - My Online - US, CA
02/ Echoes - A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But A Bird - US, NY
03/ Gentleman Jim & Horsemen - Sharon - US, OR
04/ Manchesters - She's My Love - US, KS
05/ Manchesters - Waiting for You - US, KS
06/ Manchesters - Come To Me - US, KS
07/ Cal York & Roamers - Treat Her Right - US, TN
08/ Dukes - Brown eyed hadsome man (off TV) - US, MS
09/ Fenways - Walk - US, PA

10/ Fenways - Hard road ahead - US, PA
11/ Fantastic Emanons - Sippy Sippy Sop Slop - US, WV
12/ Variations - Shake A Tail Feather - US, NC
13/ Changing Tides - I'm Cryin' - US, NJ
14/ King Bees - Four in the Morning - US, NY
15/ Gents - Mickey's Monkey (off TV) - US, ?
16/ Alias #1 - Rockin' Roll Boys - US, TN?
17/ Demotrons - Take this love I have - US, NY
18/ Odds & Ends - I'm a man live, (off TV) - US, NY
19/ Yonts Bros., Inc. - Come Back Baby - US, OH
20/ Yonts Bros., Inc. - Love Is a Game - US, OH
21/ Tight Little Unit - Down in New Orleans - US, TN
22/ Tight Little Unit - Maybe it's you - US, TN
23/ Mickey Buckins & New Breed - Silly Girl - US, AL
24/ Michael John - Goodbye Babe - US, MI
25/ Ragged Staff - I can see for miles - US, CA
26/ Girl Watchers - Lonely Avenue - US, OH
27/ Majestic - Love will find a way - US, GA
28/ Billy Shears & All Americans - Message to Seymour - US, ?
29/ Frank Fields & People - Man's gotto go somewhere - US, CA
30 /Spider - Blow Ya Mind - US, CA

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