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eYeGeNeYe productions proudly presents: Nippon Covers, pt. Two

Welcome to the second volume of Japanese Covers from Flexis. Again, these versions deliver a fresh breeze on famous (and maybe too-much-heard) staples, and what really surprises me once again is the fact that it’s the obvious or slight differences of interpretation that make me understand the Genius of the original songs. Probably  it’s because you learn better from faults than from perfectly done. I ’m aware none of the versions I collected can reach or even top the originals which, admittedly,  would be a hard challenge. First of all, groups have to win the different cultural background, so results will probably be like asking a punk group to do Waterloo Sunset… Secondly, these covers were recorded harshly in no time, mostly with ad-hoc bands (you probably won’t find any info on), and published on Flexi-discs to give away as sweepstakes with mags, hairsprays  and whatever more Japanese pop products. So be patient with bad quality of recording and production. Finally, Japanese musicians had to face the language barrier and they did this by opting for the "short cut"-strategy. Although  they would hardly  understand the words they sang, the message comes through anyway. I’m sure you will dig the funky dada-English which add extra fun to this set. I must say it was not easy to transliterate the Japanese writing into the Western alphabet, and some names of groups and artists are best guess, read Google translations.  Moreover, I had to sort out youtube posts that actually are 80s karaoke amateur singer voicing over backing tracks from the 60s, and coming 99% close to the originals. Last but not least, huge thanks go out to youtube channel   カヴァー天国 who posted mostly all of the ultra rare discs and sure is doin’ a unique job over there in Japan.  But now, let’s all go to the Honda-Ship…

01/ Chrystal Echoes - 55 days of Peking
02/ Casey Asanuma - Little Honda
03/ Casey Asanuma - Please Mr. Postman
04/ Casey Asanuma - Rock'n'Roll music
05/ Casey Asanuma - Eight days a week
06/ Casey Asanuma - No reply
07/ Casey Asanuma - A hard day's night
08/ Chrystal Echoes - Please please me
09/ Chrystal Echoes - I want to hold your hand
10/ Cutie Q - Over and over
11/ Cutie Q - Written in the sky
12/ Cutie Q - Shippin' n' Chippin'
13/ Five Brothers - Eight days a week
14/ Five Brothers - No reply
15/ Highways - Suspicion
16/ Highways - Dynamite
17/ Highways - Do Wah Diddy Diddy
18/ Highways - I feel fine
19/ Highways - Game of love
20/ Highways - Catch us if you can
21/ Highways - I get around
22/ Highways - We've gotta get out of this place
23/ Highways - Bus stop
24/ Highways - Last train to Clarksville
25/ Highways - Mother's little Helper
26/ Highways - Paint it black
27/ Jyoji Tagawa - Movin'
28/ Hit Pearls - Little Honda
29/ Hit Pearls - Keep searchin'
30/ Hit Pearls - Slow down
31/ Hit Pearls - Kansas City
32/ Hit Pearls - Rock'n'Roll music
33/ Hit Pearls - Long Tall Sally
34/ Hit Pearls - This Diamond ring
35/ Hit Pearls - Eight days a week
36/ Koichi Kashiwagi - (Marie's thename) His latest flame
37/ Spiders - Bumble Bee
38/ Spiders - Catch us if you can
39/ Spiders - Mr. Tamourine man
40/ Spiders - Set me free
41/ Spiders - We've gotta get out of this place
42/ Jyoji Tagawa - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
43/ Tokyo Beatles - All Day And All Of The Night
44/ Tokyo Beatles - I can't stop
45/ Tokyo Beatles - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
46/ Tokyo Beatles - The last time
47/ Tokyo Beatles - Any way you want me
48/ Isao Odo - Don't let me be missunderstood
49/ Ike Hisashi - Paperback Writer
50/ Ike Hisashi - Stop the music

50 tracks of Tokyo in comments!
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