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UC282 – Beats from the Boot – pt. 11

I admit we’re scratching the bottom of the Barolo barrel, tho’ I’m sure the pieces we found are all more than enjoyable. An d they should be all uncomped! Mostly, this time they come from (in)famous singing stars which may have had hits or won at the many San Remo blueprint "Festivals" of Italy, many of whom  enjoyed  a more or less long career, but accidently left the commercial road for a one off shot.  We’ll meet 12 yo boys (Mauro Ingafù), ladies who did a desperate latest jump on the Beat train (Wanda Romanelli), Italian singing guys from Spain (Los Marblau) and Germany (Wiking Groth) (both with heavy accents), only Yugoslavian pressings (Ennio Galli), and 2 unfortunate guys who died in a car crash at the age of 19 (Jean Luk)  or were electrocuted while taking a shower (Claude Francois, RiP). All in alphabetical order, this time, from 1962 to 1969 which creates a varying, mostly sunny soundscape with blows of fresh winds, and, sometimes, off the road cover versions that even top the original (like I’m a Believer, Sha la la la, and Barbara Ann)  I have to thank my friends from the fb page “Beat& Rock’n’Roll Italiano” (www.facebook.com/groups/160225698043329/) for many good leads to uncomped Italian nuggets (read: URL and yt links, all mentioned in the booklet). Also, for those who don’t speak Italian, I’ve translated the group’s name s and song titles, to give a slight idea of what the song might be about (from "When I was a baby " to Ugolino’s massively distorted "Oh whadda lovely day ‘t was”).  A Ulì Ulè!

Intro track: Teo Usuelli - A Ulì Ulè (film clip, cut) ***
01/ Armando Trovajoli - Quando ero un Bebè
02/ Autori, Gli - Quando Ero Un Bambino
03/ Balordi, I - Don Chisciotte
04/ Beppe Cardile & Ubi Maior - Lascia Il tuo mondo
05/ Bond's Men, I - Operazione Tuono
06/ Chiodi, I - Accendi una stella
07/ Cico Mauro & 4 dell’Iride - Io voglio te
08/ Claude Francois - Sono Qualcuno
09/ Ennio Galli & Teen Agers - Ma quando sono al mare
10/ Evangelisti, Gli - Il Tempo Passa, Sai...
11/ Fantanicchio & i suoi Eta Beta  119 - Un Pagliaccio simpatico
12/ Faraoini, I - Sha La La La (live clip)
13/ Five Fans - Enchinza bubu
14/ Guitar Men - Insieme al mare
15/ Henry Wright - Che Strano
16/ Ilio Balduzzi - Come Un Randagio
17/ Jacqueline & il suo Complesso - Dipenderà da te
18/ Jaguars - Change your mind
19/ Jean Luk - You are my love
20/ Marblau, Los - Soy tremendo
21/ Mario Zelinotti - Cammelli e Scorpioni
22/ Mauro Ingafù - Quello che non sai
23/ Nico Fidenco - File d'automobili
24/ Peppino di Capri e i suoi Rockers - E voi ridete
25/ Peppino di Capri e i suoi Rockers - Boom… Booom. Surf! (en español)
26/ Pop Seven - Barbara Ann
27/ Quattro di Lucca, I - Blue Beat
28/ Ugolino - Ma che bella giornata!
29/ Wanda Romanelli & Beats - Good lovin'
30/ Wiking Groth - Il volto dell'amore

*** (I just noticed the track, taken off the film "Il fiscio al naso) di Ugo Tognazzi, was recorded by "Le Pecore Nere" as "La conta", featured on BeatfromtheBoot #3)

Enzichabubus and sympathethic clowns in comments
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