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UC264 - Vergeten Nederbeat Deel 5 - 60s (mostly) uncomped
September 3rd, 2018
10:42 am


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UC264 - Vergeten Nederbeat Deel 5

I admit the bulk of live tracks on this set might indicate we really are scratiching the bottom of the Beat barrel (- shouts and noises from the audience sometimes are louder than the music itself! - ), although me myself even listening to 2 versions of Shake Hands, and Woll Bully, plus amateurish takes of My Generation, For Your Love, I’m a Man, and Walking the Dog I cant’t help but feel inside of the happening scene getting all of those unique thrills again even after 5o years of time, so why should I worry about anything else or look for other probably better versions? As you might fear, you get a mix of sounds, starting off with a Danceparty at a Dutch beach, ie. with the cry of seaguls. I’m really buffled so many uncompiled tracks from the Netherlands have popped up tho’ everyone thought this land has been grazed widely. I hope this set will prove the contrary with flashy sounds and original (dada) wordings, the term Nederbeat stands for. Geniet ervan meisjes en jongens!

01/ Blizzards  - Crazy Cat
02/ Ernie Bender -  Het Strandfeest
03/ Actions -  Wooley Bully (live)
04/ Boris & Beat Dogs -  Can your Monkey do the Dog?
05/ Boris & Beat Dogs -  Shake Hands
06/ Julio & Kreole Kats -  Ooh Pook Pah Doo
07/ Moz-Arts -  All Right Baby
08/ Moz-Arts -  World of a Clown
09/ Thunders -  I'm the one you left behin d
10/ Sparks -  Raining in my Heart
11/ Comets -  My Generation
12/ Dutch Beat College -  You treat me
13/ Jivaro's -  It's raining
14/ (1  -  2  -  3  -  4  -  5) -  Neem me mee Sexy Natel
15/ (1  -  2  -  3  -  4  -  5) -  Hullabaloo
16/ Static -  What you gonna do to my Heart
17/ Heatwave -  I can prove you're wrong
18/ Heatwave -  Said Before It Couldn't Happen To Me
19/ Young Sisters & Young Ones -  Once more
20/ F.J. King & Smash -  Pucker up Buttercup
21/ Sharons -  Mother buy me a Gun
22/ Pepper & Soul -  Have my Love
23/ Fashion Six -  Go away Girl
24/ Serpentine -  Wake up (It's a new Day)

01/ Four Strangers -  Sloppin' the Blues
02/ Hank Peterson & Four Strangers -  Come on pretty Baby
03/ F.J. King -  Walking the Dog
04/ Jets -  Shake Hands
05/ F.J. King with DD & Drifters -  It only took a minute
06/ Johnny Kendall & Heralds -  The Hoochie Coochie Man
07/ Johnny Kendall & Heralds -  That's my Baby
08/ P&B Groep /Peter & Beats -  Honey Bee
09/ P&B Groep /Peter & Beats -  It's a Delusion
10/ Swinging Strings -  For your love (live)
11/ Swinging Strings -  Baby's in black (live)
12/ Marquees -  I'm a Man (live)
13/ Marquees -  Please
14/ Ted Jones & Driftin' Five -  Drive my Car (live)
15/ Ted Jones & Driftin' Five -  It keeps raining (live)
16/ Op - Sound -  If you only say hello
17/ Torero's -  Lost upon you
18/ Jets -  Please send me a letter
19/ Mega's -  The running Mr. So and So
20/ Mega's -  Leicester Universtity Sound
21/ Prince John -  Little Indians
22/ Soft Pillow -  Until the rains come
23/ Serpentine -  Belinda Tomorrow
24/ Chubby Checker & Maskers -  Yes I am

get your fun in the vertaling!

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Date:September 3rd, 2018 08:44 am (UTC)
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Date:September 4th, 2018 10:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks for Deel 5 Michael. I checked my archives and luckily the other 4 are on another drive. I love the Nederbeat sound and am excited to hear this new and raw collection!
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Date:September 5th, 2018 06:58 am (UTC)
yes quite raw, I guess you'll dig
Date:September 9th, 2018 02:45 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much
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Date:September 10th, 2018 06:53 am (UTC)
thanks for your thanks mate
Date:September 11th, 2018 09:22 am (UTC)

F.J. King

Hi Michael, I emailed Walking the dog by F.J. King to Dutch news reporter Menno Pot because the real name of F.J. King is Fred Pot and he's the uncle of Menno. Menno has sent the track to a couple of relatives (a.o. his father, the brother of Fred) and according to them this doesn't sound like Fred. Can you ask the provider of the compilation where he got the track from and why he is so sure it's F.J. King? Thanks for your great almost uncomped compilations.
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Date:September 11th, 2018 04:09 pm (UTC)

Re: F.J. King

youtube channel is by Roy Simone, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvZjc0lPYXg&t=118s)

I've asked him to get back, we'll see, I'll let you now, I'm curious , too)

ciao from MIlano!
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