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UC254 a/b – Forgotten Portuguese Nuggets, pt. 2 - 60s (mostly) uncomped
April 23rd, 2018
09:10 am


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UC254 a/b – Forgotten Portuguese Nuggets, pt. 2

Nearly 6 years ago, I posted the first part of "Forgotten“ Portuguese Nuggets* which, of course, picked up where the “official” Portugal comps (i.e. "The Wild 60's Sounds From Portugal" and "Portuguese Nuggets Vols. 1  - 3") had left us. So I am proud to present this follow up featuring 50 more forgotten i.e. uncompiled tracks you might never have heard (a few tracks of the major groups have appeared on anthologies which are difficult to find tho unless you live in Portugal). You might say Portugal groups mostly miss the rough edge of Garage sounds, and you might be right. On the other hand this goes also for the Zombies, the Searchers, the Hollies, and many more. Tho’ many (like Fernando Conde, Walter Behrend, Daniel Barcelar, Victor Gomes, Démonios Negros) try  hard and get very close to the target, mostly you will hear a kind of softer, may I say sweeter (which does NOT MEAN lame ass!) and more romantic approach from Portugal Combos, often with unusual riff changes and melody patterns. Put some groups from the old colonies in the mix, like from Angola or Mozambique, and you’ll add good southern vibes to the Beat, pardon Yé Yé.  I think the 1,2, 3 Red Ligh version by Pop 5 Incorporated shows quite well what I want to say. You might welcome the 8 pg booklet, I tried to sum up the groups’ bios and discographies and dig deeper for band pics (national discs came mostly as 4-track EPs in glossy covers!).
Special thanks go out to blogspots osreisdoyeye.blogspot –IÈ IÈ (guedelhudos.blogspot)  -  Regresso ao Passado (notaspassadas.blogspot)  -   musicasdosanos60.blogspot – musicaapretoebranco.blogspot – and to Carlos Santos & Luís Futre and to Youtube channels GoncaloMoreno66 – Portugal Vinyl.  Finally we have to thank Victor Queiros, (guitarist of Os Electrònicos., Os Concas, ecc).

* I have re-uped Vol. 1, see commentaciones

01/ Conjunto Misterio - América
02/ Walter Behrend e o seu Conjunto - Ya Ya Twist
03/ Conchas, Os - Oh Jenny
04/ Guitarras de Fogo - Memphis
05/ Daniel Bacelar & Gentlemen - Deixa - Me Só
06/ Night Stars, Os - Mean woman blues
07/ Fernando Conde & Electronicos - Mean woman blues (live on TV)
08/ Fernando Conde & Electronicos - Johnny B. Goode (live on TV)
09/ Fernando Conde & Electronicos - Sweet Little Sixteen (live on TV)
10/ Alamos, Os - Baby, It's You
11/ Alamos, Os - The Night before
12/ Alamos, Os - O Comboio
13/ Conjunto Académico Joao Paulo - Si lo so
14/ Conjunto Académico Joao Paulo - Cosa vuoi da me
15/ Ekos, Os - O Nosso Amor Terminou
16/ Ekos, Os - Oh Isabell
17/ Guitarras de Fogo - Seguirei o Sol
18/ Conjunto Hi-Fi - Three Days of my Life
19/ Night Stars, Os - Stop, look and listen
20/ Cartolas, Os - Claude
21/ Cartolas, Os - Baci Solamenti
22/ Cartolas, Os - Voglio amare
23/ Charruas, Os - Povo
24/ Charruas, Os - Love, Love are the words
25/ Pop Five Music Incorporated - One Two Three Red Light

CD #2
01/  Fanatics, Les - Cométe
02/ Fanatics, Les - Vautours
03/ Conchas, Os - Tentacao
04/ Conchas, Os - Don Juan
05 Morgans, Os - Querida Maninha
06/ Fernando Conde & Satins - Amar, Viver, Sonhar
07/ Fernando Conde & Electronicos - Blue Suede Shoes
08/ Fernando Conde & Electronicos - What I’d say
09/ Tártaros, Os - Encanto dos Teus Olhos
10/ Demonios Negros, Os - Boys
11/ Conjunto Academico Joao Paulo - Greenback Dollar
12/ Conjunto Academico Joao Paulo - Diz - Ihe
13/ Conjunto de Oliveira Muge - Goronzaga
14/ Conjunto de Oliveira Muge - In the Moonlight
15/ Darados, Os - Pain in my Heart
16/ Espaciais, Os - Não, Não, Não, Não
17/ Espaciais, Os - Porque me deixas amor
18/ Espaciais, Os - Sò Eu Sei
19/ Victor Gomes e Os Siderais - Há-de voltar
20/ Jets, Os - Loving you
21/ Chinchilas, Os - Don't Want You No More
22/ Chinchilas, Os - Marry me
23/ Tubaroes, Os - Baby It Hurts
24/ Tubaroes, Os - Old Lady (live, faded out)
25/ Objectivo - Gin Blues

Bacalhau in os commentaciones!

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[User Picture]
Date:April 24th, 2018 03:23 pm (UTC)
Thanks, esp for the re-up of vol. 1! I may not understand the words most times, but I like hearing the music and the enthusiasm of the makers of the music. Keep up the good work!
[User Picture]
Date:April 24th, 2018 03:25 pm (UTC)
the words are in Portoguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Italian, and English, at least kind of .... the Portugiese groups tried hard.... thx for writing!
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