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UC247 – Scraping the Beer-Beat-Barrel, Teil 5 - 60s (mostly) uncomped
February 10th, 2018
10:36 am


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UC247 – Scraping the Beer-Beat-Barrel, Teil 5

Could it really get worse? Listening to this new set you will understand why I named this series “Scraping the Barrel”. Looking for more uncompiled songs from Germany, I found some unheard punk tunes, but I admit the rest at the bottom of the barrel is often confining to Schlagermusik which is a typical German tradition featuring wordings penned to put the listener in a groovy mood and make him laugh, and heaps of humpta humpta to make him drink more beer. I’m not offended if maybe that’s not your cup of tea (neither it’s mine), and I hope my German speaking followers won’t ditch these here songs for being downright stupid ( - not all tho, the 5 Tops, Fietz Team, Norman Douglas,  Flo deCologne and Homburg sport splendid, (half)serious lyrics! -) . Time ranges from 1963 to , exceptionally, 1972 which means this set is a hodgepodge of various genres. Don’t let the bad audio quality of the first two tracks put you off, I promise after it will definitely get better (any info on the acetate is most welcome). And don’t ask me to translate the song about Hamburg’s red light district St. Pauli, celebrated by Floh de Cologne as “My hole to the world”…. (“Da hau’n wir ordentlich druff / geh’n auf Spesen in den Puff/ ach wie gut dass keiner weiß / dass Karl Saubermann ich heiß”) … WulleBulle (Volle Pulle) !!!

01, 02/ [unknown acetate] - [ (Jo-Anne) - side 1] - [(Es war vor einem Jahr) -side 2]

03/ Wolfgang Werner - Sugar Bar
04/ Bambinos, Die ‎– My Town, My Dream (ÖS)
05/ Peter Stein - Teenager Lady 
06/ Roy Black & Cannons - Memphis Tennessee
07/ Rattles -  Shaggy Dog
08/ Beat Hummeln, Die - So fängt die Liebe an 
09/ Five Tops  - Warte auf das Glück
10/ Norman Douglas - Halt! Lasst euch warnen
11/ Sam Lewy & Rockernors  - Woolly Bully
12/ Lucky Tucky & Screen Wipers - Zahnweh Shake (Yeah - Ich Hab' So Zahnweh)
13/ Rattles - No No 
14, 15/ Little Joey – Nakami - Halt mich doch fest
16/ Marc White - Sie hat dich nie geliebt
17/ Roy Collins – Alaska
18/ Marquis, Les - Silence on the Shore (ÖS)
19/ Prisoners Of Beat - Let Me Go
20, 21/ Fietz Team - Als die Sonne am Mittag -  Du meinst, die Welt muss anders werden
22/ Kiss Inc. - Kids are cryin´
23/ Homburg - Hello Houston
24,25/ Cracker Jack - Du Girl - Tambourine
26, 27/ Floh de Cologne - Bruno-Lied (Der kleine Mann) - St. Pauli, Du mein Loch zur Welt
28/ Mambo Band -  Geh Nie Mehr Fort Von Mir

ticket to te beerfest seecomments

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Date:February 10th, 2018 09:39 am (UTC)
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Date:February 10th, 2018 03:38 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Beerfest!

--- Oh noes! Tiel 1 and Tiel 2 link are dead. Oh well, I guess that's how it goes. 7 years too late. D'oh!

Edited at 2018-02-10 03:44 pm (UTC)
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Date:February 11th, 2018 09:35 am (UTC)
you shouldn't miss the beer mate (now you have to learn German I guess )


have fun!!
Date:February 11th, 2018 10:44 pm (UTC)

14, 15/ Little Joey – Nakami - Halt mich doch fest

14, 15/ Little Joey – Nakami - Halt mich doch fest 1967 (Nakami), 1968 (Halt mich). 1st and 2nd single by Little Joy, who apparently, was one of the many pseudonyms used by Drafi Deutscher

Nicht überall steckt Drafi dahinter, diesmal ist es:
Little Joey, auch Joe Alby oder Joachim Albrecht German guitarist born 1952, founder member of Karthago.
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Date:February 12th, 2018 08:19 am (UTC)

Re: 14, 15/ Little Joey – Nakami - Halt mich doch fest

Hi Joey, hatte ich auch gelesen, dass unser großer Drafi dahintersteckt, war mir aber nicht so sicher, auch wenn Christian Bruhn der Arragngeur ist:.. Joe Alby legt jedenfalls einen tollen Job hin, und sein "Du gehts an mir vorbei" ist gleichtoll. ich finde übrigens auch den Text klasse, auch von "Halt mich doch fest"!
Beste Beatgrüße aus der Diaspora! (die nächsten Titel warten schon auf Beat Barrel#6...)

Edited at 2018-02-12 08:21 am (UTC)
From:Carlo Charlemagne
Date:February 20th, 2018 10:55 am (UTC)

Lucky Tucky :-)

Fenomenale la sua versione di "Stasera mi butto" !quasi quasi mi piace di piu che quella di Rocky.
una cosa non capisco... quella di Roberts è datata 1968 mentre questa da come ho trovato in internet è del 1967, però nella versione tedesca non vengono citati gli autori, mentre quella di RR sono tutti italiani, was nun? chi l'ha fatta per primo ?
Beste Grüße
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Date:February 20th, 2018 03:05 pm (UTC)

Re: Lucky Tucky :-)

Karl derGroße,
45cat says RR's Stasera was pubblished 20 Mar 1967 and Zahnweh Shake Jul 1967, so I guess the question is resolved, this time.....(ich liebe den deutschen Text!) ich hoffe, die comp hat Dir gute Laune rübergesandt,,,
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