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dead links, lastly... (R.i.P.) - 60s (mostly) uncomped
January 8th, 2018
09:56 am


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dead links, lastly... (R.i.P.)
so many requests for stiff links have come in, I reactivated some but I can't re-up 'em all, so I guess what's gone is gone, R.i.P. I'm sorry folks, that was it, and be patient if future requests for re-ups might be left unanswered

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Date:March 20th, 2018 06:00 pm (UTC)

Megapack it and into the clouds

Megapack it and into your clouds!!
or mine if you want :}.
Leave the link commented at this entrie for example

I knew i had to download the entire archive (god, it's pure grial) in one stroke.. too late

3 years listening repetidely, insistently, almost exclusively your 7 collections of spanish yeye nuggets, and some US, French and South African Gems

and now i came for the rest of the world ha ha ha ..

thanks anyway, your posts are incredible. waiting for more candies

Thank YOU!
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Date:March 21st, 2018 07:48 am (UTC)

Re: Megapack it and into the clouds

I'm so happy about your appreciation mate, this make my little site on! Thanks a bunch and keep enjoying yourself

greetings from MIlano!
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