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UC107 - The World Syde XVI - 60s (mostly) uncomped
August 1st, 2010
02:55 pm


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UC107 - The World Syde XVI

Hi my friends! Just in tyme before the big vacation, here’s another sequel of (mostly) uncomped gems from all the world. Just by case, nearly all of the 28 tracks are in French or in Spanish, hope they’ll make a nice soundtrack to your holidays. I have to thank the usual bloggers (Hola Wirtis at http://garagelatino.blogspot.com, Hi Ed of http://mredmusicroundup.blogspot.com, Salut Félix chez http://ventedegaragepodcast.blogspot.com, buonsoir Cousin-Mike chez http://cousin-mike.blogspot.com, Olà Rato at http://ratorecordsblog.blogspot.com, Hi Electric Looser at http://bluebeatinmysoul.blogspot.com) plus some newcomers such as http://fatcitycigarlounge.blogspot.com; http://lamemoireretrouvee.blogspot.com, and http://cancionesatomicas.blogspot.com) As always, this imstallment comes with a 6 pg-booklet. Enjoy the show and drop me a line with your comments, good or bad (I’ll read my mailbox even in vacation, at least from tyme to tyme). Thanks to everyone who wrote me in support of this project. Peace!

1/ Juniors - Babies Yanka - GR
2/ Delai Alamos & Los King Stays - El grito de los Kings - PERU
3/ Idols - Dam Dam Baby - GR
4/ Tajfuny - Dlaczego niedzwiedz w zimie spi - POL
5/ Benfords, Los - Nena, no hagas eso - PERU
6/ X-5, Los - No los sabras - P RICO
7/ X-5, Los – Quireme - P RICO
8/ Night Stars, Os - Run back home - PT / MZBQ
9/ Cais, Les - Je voyais ton visage dans l'eau - CAN
10/ Strangers – Epistrofi - GR
11/ Dauphins, Les - Priez pour moi - F
12/ Celtas, Os - I think in other girl - PT
13/ Impôt-Cible, Les - Je l'ai trouvé - CAN
14/ Impôt-Cible, Les - Je suis un playboy - CAN
15/ Impôt -Cible, Les - Dans mes rêves - CAN
16/ Mañana – Hambre - ARG
17/ Shakes, Los - Aprietame mas - MEX
18/ Monstres, Les - Je veux une réponse - CAN
19/ Dean Alan Set - Yeah Yeah - NL
20/ Monty - Ce n'est pas vrai - F
21/ Gilles Brown - Le Karaté - CAN
22/ Heatwave - Said before it couldn't happen to me - NL
23/ Long Chris & Daltons - Qui Te Le Dira (I'm Gonna Get You) - F
24/ Sunlights, Les - Gadget suspect - F / BG
25/ Pieds Nicklés, Les - Pourquoi je t'aime - CAN
26/ Pieds Nicklés, Les - Amour simple - CAN
27/ Clansmen - Sir Barclay More - SING
28/ Schibbinz - Livin' Free - ARG

download link is: http://www.mediafire.com/?wm6n26llp04dwk1

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Date:August 7th, 2010 02:36 pm (UTC)
I really can't thank you enough! Wonderful, priceless rare psych and garage from around the world. Who could ask for more?

Thanks so much for all your hard work in gathering these gems!
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Date:August 28th, 2010 10:07 am (UTC)
Hi my unknown friend

I've just come back from my summer-vacation and was really happy to read your lines... comments like yours keep this site alive, so stay tuned for more rarities

thanks a lot for writing.
greetings from Milano!
Date:September 7th, 2010 12:19 am (UTC)

Interesting Singles Collection

Hi, this is KL in NYC -- haven't been around for a while.
I saw a French singles comp @
and I didn't know if you'd gotten to this one, yet.
I had to register to get to the link, but you don't have to --
I won't be able to check back for a while. My hard drive is full and I can't download anything -- I keep filling it up with teacher stuff for school.
[User Picture]
Date:September 7th, 2010 08:51 am (UTC)

Re: Interesting Singles Collection

Hi KL,

(so you must be a teacher, right...?) welcome back to the (under-)world of international garagesounds, and thanks for the link (didn't know this compilation, there are some nice tracks on it, I love Jeanette's Porque te vas, even if it's from 1972)

thanks a lot for supporting my site

cheers to NY!
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