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UC102 + UC103, The Greeks Beat Back, Pts. 1 + 2

Hello my friends, here’s a double-feature on Greece in the 60s … don’t expect too much fuzz or Diddley covers, as it seems the Greek groups looked more to Adriano Celentano or Nino Ferrer than to Bo or Chuck, in other words, as Gyro puts it in the notes for his fab Greek Beat Greats-comp “more Zombies than Yardbirds but not bad at all for that”. To avoid overlaps, I’ve left out tracks that have shown up on Shakin' In Athens, Wildworld #4 / Greek Beat Greats (don’t believe Laurent Bigot’s review in the SfS-database), Six Miles From The Cage and the Greece Goes Modern–LP but selected the most interesting tracks from Greek compilations such as "Monterni Rithmi tou 60" (44 LPs in all) and "Oldies But Goldies" (10 LPs). Information on Greek artists is hard to find, if you (like me) don’t read the Greek alphabet and don’t understand a single world, so Google translator did his best. Anyway, you can find some information (in English) at http://www.mygreek.fm/artist. Special thanks go out to http://nakedsides.wordpress.com, http://bluebeatinmysoul.blogspot.com, and to http://rockin-hood.blogspot.com. Great sites, keep on diggin‘ guys! But now let‘s get ready for the Yanka-beat, hope you like it…

(pic: The Idols)

tracklist UC102:

1/ Giants - High Life Rhythm
2/ Aris Alba & Olympics - Nicolassa
3/ Greeks - I Remember Only You
4/ Mariners - Mr. Shake
5/ Stylistes - Don't Ever Lose
6/ Hippy's - Mathe Na Agapas
7/ Galaxies - Ena koritsi gia Shake
8/ Galaxies - Oath (Orkos)
9/ We Five - Wild Thing
10/ Idols - To Koritsi Pou Me Theli
11/ Idols - Sto Fengari Emis I Dio
12/ Toni Pinelli - Roslie Yanka
13/ Toni Pinelli - No no no no, Si si si si
14/ Bluebirds - She looks good to me
15/ Bluebirds - Fancy
16/ Adam's Boys - Thelow na erthow konta sou
17/ Adam's Boys - Yiati ehthes
18/ Flayers - Pada Se Thimame
19/ Forminx - Dream In My Heart
20/ Forminx - Ah Said Yeah
21/ Ariones - Idillio
22/ Ariones - Mono Mia Stigmi
23/ Charms - Himona Kalokeri
24/ Charms - I'm Sick Y All

download link is: http://www.mediafire.com/?tw59974bq7r757k

(pic: Sotiris Komatsioulis)
tracklist UC103:

1/ Dragons - My Dog Mozart
2/ Dragons - Around and Around
3/ Esquires Beat Group - Ta se perimenw
4/ Aleka Kanellidou - Crazy Girl
5/ New Hopes - PIo Psila & Apo T' Asteria
6/ Mimis Plessas - Tell me
7/ Pacifics - That's the truth
8/ Sounds - They're Gonna Get You
9/ Olympians - O Tropos (The way)
10/ Olympians - To Sholio (The School)
11/ Nelli Manou - Now
12/ Sover Group - Marianna
13/ Sover Group - Oso Pote
14/ Sover Group - Yparxei Agaph
15/ Strangers - Storgi
16/ Strangers - To Asteri
17/ Vorrii - Ta Klidia
18/ Vorrii - To Tznini
19/ Zoo - You're Crazy Man
20/ Zoo - Forget Today
21/ Sotiris Komatsioulis - O Kosmas (Kosmas)
22/ Kostas Koukoutaras - Apo Pou Kai Pou
23/ Seffil - I'm Down
24/ Seffil - When to you come I'm waiting for you

download link is: http://www.mediafire.com/?o14baqzkcb7qnkd
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