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UC360 - Headless Horror after Halloween

I know we’re late for Halloween, but some monsters have suffered sinister accidents on their way. Like Dracula, our host ghost, who had to undergo a 40 days quarantine at the transylvanian border, Jack the Ripper was still pursuing his favorite sports (and I don’t mean Darts) at the banks of the Thames‘ river, while Frankenstein had to learn he just wasn’t made for a swim upstream to the mad mansion. While ghools and zombies however have never been sharp on time as they don’t wear watches. So be patient with our late guests, and welcome some unexpected new comrades at the terrifying dinner. I’m just missing Igor, maybe he is busy watering the brains…. In the mean time (and I mean mean) I am wondering if they have Halloween in the jungle or even on the moon. Finally, doomsday is everyday and every night our bone breaking monsters have a bloody ball.
PS monsters like alphabetical order, and so do I, you never know what happens next, so be ready for some sleazy surprise and haunted horror; maybe you will like to cut off your head or pick your left eye ball, most delicious and much tastier than olives in a Bloody Mary.

Intro: The Haunted Mansion - Grim Grinning Ghosts
01/ Barbara - The Gray Witch - US, CA
02/ Bob Gerard - Ghost Town - US, ?
03/ Clarence Stacy - Jack the Ripper - US, NY
04/ Daylighters - Mad House Jump - US, AL
05/ Lenny & Hollywood Ghouls - Ghool Love - US, CA
06/ Dianne Renner - Quicksand - US, CA
07/ Harry H. Corbett - The Green Eye Of The Little Yellow God - UK
08/ Jack Hammer & Pacers - Black Widow Spider Woman - US, ?
09/ Jim Marlboro - Nightmare - US, CA
10/ Johnny Jets, Los - Dracula A Go Go - MX
11/ Johnny Thompson & One - Eyed Jacks - The Sorcorer  (instro version) - US, CA
12/ Lee Storm - Tornado - US, ?
13/ Lynn Cornell  - Demon Lover  - UK
14/ Millionaires - Haunted Train - US, IL
15/ Monarcs - Forever Lost - US, TX
16/ Night People - Lonely Before Dawn - US, TX
17/ Nightmares - The Headless Ghost - US, CA
18/ Pasquale & Lunar - Tiks - Moon Madness - US, ?
19/ Bela La Goldstein - Old Boris – US
20/ Ron Scott Combo - Jungle Love - US, WI
21/ Tarantula Ghoul & her Gravediggers - Graveyard Rock - US,OR
22/ Tommy Angel - Black Night - US, ?
23/ Versa-Tones - Cobra - US, NY
24/ Zen Fuller - Doomsday - US, CA
25/ Tono Barcelata y su Combo - El Diablo – MX
outro: The Haunted Mansion - Grim Grinning Ghosts

bone breaking horrors in comments

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