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UC353 – Scraping the Beer - Beat - Barrel, Teil 15

I told you we are scraping the bottom of the barrel, but I never thought I’d meet Freddy, Roy Black, and Karel Gott, and pick up their rare attempts of hipness. As expected, among the un - and overheard there are a few budget beaters whose singles on Tip or Tempo I would never ever have bought at Woolworth, in 1966, not even for half the price. But I also found some tracks by completely unknown artists without no trace of their whereabouts and recording dates (El Dorado, Tommies, Teddy Olaf & Gamblers). We start early in 56, but soon the beat boom conquers the German teenbeat market, with bands contributing with their own budget version, maybe in Deutsch language. And many colleagues from abroad give a hand, as from the UK, Sweden, Scotland and Czechoslovakia. Finally, we reach the border of the famous Schlagerland, I know, it’s not the German Carnival, and, no, thanks, I don’t think I’d like another beer. So let’s all enjoy the Billig Beat, and remember the final track’s chunky lines: "Love makes the flowers grow and makes them be happy”. Only in Germany in the 60s, maybe.
PS: Greetings and thx to Dieter Driese (see fb), I’ve included some tracks of his collection

01/ Freddy - Sie hieß Mary-Ann - AUS
02/ Teddy Olaf & Gamblers - Peggy Lou - D
03/ Fats & his Cats - Tick Tack - D
04/ Fats & his Cats - Die hübschen Girls aus Germany - D
05/ John O'Hara & Playboys - 1 - 2 - 3 (ist Dein kleiner Schmerz vorbei) - D
06/ John O'Hara & Playboys - Das war gestern - D
07/ Tommies, Die - Oh, Pretty Woman - D
08/ Roy Black - Ich suche nur dich - D
09/ Roy Black with his Canons - Let's go - D
10/ Jan Rohde & Wild Ones - Sandra, Linda und Marie - SW / UK
11/ Starlet Studio Band - Shakin' all over - D
12/ Boomerangs - Around and around - D
13/ Boomerangs - Tired of waiting - D
14/ Dorados, El - Freunde - D
15/ Dorados, El - Halbblut - D
16/ Dorados, El - Ich klopf an die Tür - D
17/ Firestone Band - Roll Over Beethoven - D
18/ Jimmy Fields - Alle Wünsche kann man nicht erfüllen - D
19/ Shanes / Thanes - Long Tall Sally (live) - D
20/ Rocking Stars - Dance the Slop with me  (live, faded out) - D
21/ Ravers - Sha la la la lee - D
22/ Dorados, Die - Provozieren - CH
23/ Tanja May - Oh Baby Mein Baby - D
24/ Rippers - My plight - D
25/ Michelangelo & his Group - Sie trägt blau, blau, blau - D
26/ Dave Colman w/ Mark Wirtz Orchestra - Alaska Quinn - UK
27/ Karel Gott - Rot und schwarz - CZ
28/ Eric Thorsten - Küsse und Candy - D
29/ Arth Paul - Hippie macht Happy – AUS

Rot und schwarz und blau blau blau in comments

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