michaelvee (michaelvee) wrote,

Beat Wunderbar; Un-Lost Tommyknockers; RiP 19

6 month have passed since my lastTommyknockers set, but as there’s no time in heaven, I’m sure my friend the Lolly Pope (R.i.P.) won’t have suffered waiting for more unreleased / uncompiled UK gems (as you might have).  To break the rule of this series, this time I have included more tracks by single artists (like Saints, Carefrees, Bogies) as their LPs / samplers were missing in my own collection (and maybe are missing in yours, too). The rest is what you expect to hear in our UK Beat Wunderbar club, from 63 to 69, in slightly chronologic order. So get down on your knees, and let Don Compilatius serve you with delightful manna and sweet mass-wine. Ego te absolvo, a nome di Werner, the late great Lolly Pope, creator of the PraeKraut Pandaemonium LPs and the original Tommyknockers series. Amen, Halleluyeah!

01/ Teddy Green - Gee What A Party
02/ Donays - Devil in his Heart
03/ Britten & Regents - I'll Cry No More
04/ Jerry Williams - Dangerous Happiness
05/ Jerry Williams w/ Sherrys & Dynamiters - Midnight Special
06/ Vendors - Don't Leave Me Now
07/ Vendors - Take your Time
08/ Bogies - Enless Sleep
09/ Bogies - Lotta Lovin'
10/ Bogies - Sugar& Spice
11/ Brenda & Johnny - This Can't Be Love
12/ Major Rowly - Do It The Right Way
13/ Saints - A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
14/ Saints - Brown Eyed Handsome Man
15/ Saints - I'm A Hog For You
16/ Saints - I'm Looking For A Woman
17/ Saints - Keep A Knocking
18/ Saints - Memphs Tennessee
19/ Shakers - Whole Lot Of Lovin'
20/ Carefrees - Only Want to Be With You
21/ Carefrees - Aren't You Glad You're You
22/ Carefrees - Everything I Do Is Wrong
23/ Carefrees - Glad allover
24/ Carefrees - Please Love Won't You Be My True Love
25/ Carefrees - Tell Me Something I Don't Know
26/ Johnny & Copycats - Angela
27/ Johnny & Copycats - Start Thinking About Me
28/ Ebonies - Never Gonna Break Your Heart Again
29/ Pussyfoot - Big Brown Eyes
30/ Cecil McCartney - Hey Alethia I Want You
31/ Phil Cordell - Pumping the Water
32/ Tangerine Peel - Wish You Could Be With Me

Manna and Myrrh in comments

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