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Rockin' Chick's RockaBilly Pop

Well. Rockabilly Pop was the best tag I could make up for this set of tunes. In fact, it’s between Rockabilly (tho’ not the usual stripped to the bone versions of RnR standards) and Pop (tho’ not like 16 Candles or California Dreamin’). Time range is 1958 to 1966, so you have to set your mind back some years before the British Invasion swept America, and you will find out, there was a fertile ground and many kickin’ sounds were already around indeed. Half of it played and sung by black musicians, the other ones by whities. No big differences I reckon, and I love it just like that .
All tracks were posted on Rockin’ Chick’s youtube channel, and I picked the ones I liked the most. I hope you’ll dig the Popabilly Rock sounds!
01/ Freddy Cannon­ It's Been Nice (I Gotta Get Up Early In The Morning)­ US, MI
02/ Strikes­ I Don´t Want To Cry Over You­ US, TX
03/ Strikes­ Rockin'­ US, TX
04/ Aquatones­ She's The One For Me­ US, NY
05/ Aquatones­ The Drive In­ US, NY
06/ Bell Notes­ Real Wild Child­ US, NY
07/ Bell Notes­ Be Mine­ US, NY
08/ Bell Notes­ I've Had It­ US, NY
09/ Bell Notes­ She Went That A Way­ US, NY
10/ Bell Notes­ Don't Ask Me Why­ US, NY
11/ Bell Notes­ White Buckskin Sneakers­ US, NY
12/ Blue Belles­ I've Got To Let Him Know­ US, IL
13/ Bobbie Smith­ Mr Fine­ US, M
14/ Boulevards­ Chop Chop Hole In The Wall­ US, OH
15/ Capri Sisters­ I Want You To Be My Boy­ US, NY
16/ Casals­ 8 O'Clock Scene­ US, NY
17/ Casals­ Teacher Crush­ US, NY
18/ Corvettes­ Corvette­ US, CA
19/ Crescendos­ Let's Take A Walk­ US, TN
20/ Dave Atkins & Offbeats­ Shake Kum Down­ US, TX
21/ Dave Stadler­ Boney Moronie­ US, ?
22/ Delroys­ Bermuda Shorts­ US, NY
23/ Duals­ Bye Bye­ US, NJ
24/ Dwayne Hickman­ School Dance­ US, CA
25/ Ernie Maresca­ Mary Jane­ US, NY
26/ Huelyn Duvall­ Hum Dinger­ US, TX
27/ Hugh Barrett & Victors­ Got The Bull By The Horns%­ US, IL
28/ Infernos­ Goin' Crusin'­ US, ?
29/ Jackie Burns­ Hey Then, There Now­ US, CA
30/ Jackie Walker­ Only Teenagers Allowed­ US, CA
31/ Jimmy Carroll Jr.­ Snake In The Grass­ US, ?

01/ Jimmy Elledge­ Bo Diddley­ US, LA
02/ Jimmy Johnson­ Cool Cool School­ US, CA
03/ Joey Castle­ That Ain't Nothing' But Right­ US, NY
04/ Johnny Angel­ All Night Party­ US, CA
05/ Johnny Ray Gomez & U­ Neeks­ Our Love Is Over­ US, NE
06/ Joy Mann­ Empty Pages­ US, ?
07/ Jules Blattner & Teen Tones­ Teen Town­ US, MO
08/ June August­ Hip Kitty To Bopper­ US, ?
09/ Larry Heaberlin­ Honda­ US, IA
10/ Lee Pickett & Screamers­ Fatty Patty­ US, CO
11/ Legends­ Temptation­ US, WI
12/ Mar Vells­ How Do I Keep The Girls Away­ US, ?
13/ Mark Valentino­ This Little World­ US, PA
14/ Nu-Coachmen­ She doesn’t love me anymore­ US, PA
15/ Olympics­ Dance With The Teacher­ US, CA
16/ Paris Sisters­ All Through The Night­ US, CA
17/ Red Berry & Bel Ravers­ What A Dolly­ US, IA
18/ Renowns­ Wild One­ US, MA
19/ Ronny Douglas­ Run Run Run­ US, ?
20/ Routers­ Stamp And Shake­ US, CA
21/ Rusty & Doug­ Sweet Sweet Girl To Me­ US, LA
22/ Sevilles­ Charlena­ US, CA
23/ Sevilles­ Louella­ US, CA
24/ Sheppards­ Elevator Operator­ US, IL
25/ Teddy & Twilights­ Woman Is A Man's Best Friend­ US, PA
26/ Tico & Triumphs­ Express Train­ US, NY
27/ Tico & Triumphs­ Wild Flower­ US, NY
28/ Tom & Jerry­ Dancin' Wild­ US, NY
29/ Tony Casanova­ When I Say Bye Bye­ US, TX
30/ Vic Pagan­ Mary Lou­ US, ?
31/ Titans­ Don't You Just Know It­ US, CA

Bermuda Shorts in comments

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