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Lenin in Space – Kosmos Favorites Vol. 465 - Greek

Even more Greeks in the Garage! Take this as an addendum to my Greeks Beat Back set I posted lately. All tracks come from the https://lenininspace.blogspot.com/ who posts his tremendous collections since many years now. 60 beat aficionados will find more collections at his site (like on Peru, and the USSR, on Girl Groups). I picked 19 tracks from his Kosmos Favorites Vol. 465 and they sound completely uncompiled to me. Some are flip sides, some are the group’s later and lesser known recordings. As the Greek Beat Back set, I love them all and the Greek sounds grow on me every time I listen. Enyoj!

01/ Adams - Thelo Na 'rtho Konta Sou (I wanna come be near to you)
02/ Alba, Aris & Olympics - Eléfthera Pouliá (Free Birds)
03/ Aris Carandanis, Orchestre Aris - Alba - Marilena
04/ Aris Carandanis, Orchestre Aris - Alba - Nicolassa
05/ Bluebirds  - Xýlinos Stavrós (The Wooden Cross)
06/ Charms - Éfkoli Zoí (Easy Life)
07/ Charms - Cheimóna  -  Kalokaíri (Winter – Summer)
08/ Claudio & Skyrockets Combo - Can't ask no more
09/ Dave Set - Óneiro Palió Lismoniméno (Old forgotten Dream)
10/ Forminx - Tale
11/ Forminx - Train
12/ Mariners - Funny Faces
13/ Morka - And So She Flies
14/ Morka - Giati (Why)
15/ Stavros Athanassiadis - To aftokinito sou (Your Car)
16/ Spies - Konta Mou Na Gyriseis (Come near me)
17/ We Five - San Ímoun Stratiótis (Quando Ero Soldato)
18/ Zoe Kouroukli & Sakis Papanikolaou - La-La-La
19/ Zoitsa Kouroukli & Ariones - I Agápi Étsi Archináei (This is how love begins)

More Psychedelic moussaka in comments
Tags: Aris & Olympics - Eléfthera Pouliá (Free, and the ussr, even more greeks in the garage! take thi, i love them all and the greek sounds gro, on girl groups). i picked 19 tracks from, orchestre aris - alba - marilena 04/ ari, orchestre aris - alba - nicolassa 05/ bl, some are the group’s later and lesser kn

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