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UC347 - 60s (mostly) Uncomped; Beat from the Boot, pt. 16

Well, I admit this new set might be better be named "Scraping the Barolo Beat Barrel", as we’re really are digging for the best of the rest of Italy’s 60s pop scene. What was missing in the nation was valid DJs, radio stations and promoters; nevertheless I guess there were Juke boxes all over the country, and many song contests San Remo style, especially in summertime. So, amongst covers and original compositions, we still can find uncompiled nuggets and forgotten  hits of the day (well, more or less), and my collection presents rare tunes put in chronological order from 1962 to 1972. If you’re a true aficionado of Italian Beat, you will probably find more tunes at You tube channels  il puntina dischi - Aniello Salatiello – Italianbeat 1964 – MrMARCODONDI – Gli Anni del Piper!. For data on the bands and records, go visit: www.musicaememoria.com - Discotheca Nazionale della Canzone Italiana discografia.dds.it. Godetevi ll mozzarella Bit (Beat, in Italiano)!

01/ Latins - Okay Bill
02/ Rita Arnoldi - Fammi ballare lo shake
03/ [Unknown] - E... brava (acetate)
04/ [unknown] - [unknown]
05/ An'Neris - Abra Kadabra
06/ An'Neris - Do you want to dance
07/ Clem Sacco - Niente
08/ Clem Sacco - Tesoro
09/ Jerry Paco & Ghengas Frends - Ho forato
10/ Gentlemen, I - Ci vedremo domani  - (live)
11/ Barrittas, I - Mi appartieni ancora
12/ Clay Douglas - Non Vale  (Nobody but you)
13/ Mario Zelinotti  - Lei dice
14/ Loredana - Scommetto quello che vuoi
15/ Loredana - Intervallo
16/ Enzo Amadori - Park Hotel
17/ Yellow Stones - Negli Occhi tuoi
18/ Four Tops - Giraw Gira
19/ Tony Del Monaco - Il Re Del Ring
20/ Downbeats - My Back Pages
21/ Gattopardi, I - Il treno della fantasia
22/ Erranti, Gli - Se ognuno di noi
23/ Rokes - Tremo dappertutto
24/ Angelica - C'era una volta qualcuno
25/ Fausto Billi & New Giusti - Un secolo
26/ Vittorio Bellani - Non Fermarti A Metà Strada
27/ Rubi Strubi - E allora vai
28/ Emiliano - La mia ragazza

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