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UC333 - Cabinet of Horrors

Welcome to the Cabinet of horrors, right on time before Halloween. Hosts at this year’s Mummy’s Hop are the Wolfman, Frankenstein, Dracula, and his son, though special visitors The Daleks from outa space have announed they’ll participate, too. I admit, working for weeks on monster sounds compilations, I feel like beeing right in the midle of it, and I expect many strange things actually might come to happen! Like Vapires? Zombies? Voodoo? Mummies? King Kong and Mr. Hide? After all books beeing written, all films been shot and all vinyl recorded on the monstruos argument, one should think that someting, in the end, might be relay on facts. Finally, our dinner of horrors is honored by the Devil in person,who will invite you to the homefire of Hell. I’m not stunned by his presence at the monsters’s table:  After all, if you think of it, if there’s God there must be the Devil, too, right? Probably the best advice is to follow the devil’s own suggestion to Bruno Martini: "Don’t go to work tomorrow / take that blonde girl with you / grab all the winebebottles from your cellar / and Hell doesn’t seem to be THAT bad at all!" So I will leave you alone in the company of bloodthirsty monsters, and I hope you will appreciate the various corpses of the menu (mostly all of the terrifying tunes are uncomped!). Though while you step down to the Cabinets, right under the Vaults of Horror, and sit down at the table right next to Igor: Always remember: the main course is YOU!

01/ [unknown] - [instro, no title] - ?
02/ A Pair Of Kings - The Monster - US, NY
03/ Bobby Boris Pickett - Skully Gully - US,CA
04/ Bubi & Bob - The Mummy - US, FL
05/ Chippendales - Voodoo - US, ?
06/ Comparsa Universitaria De La Laguna, La - Zoologico nero - MX
07/ Dick Flood - Hellbound Train - US, PA
08/ Dickson Hall - Take That Tombstone Off My Grave - US, ?
09/ Doug Corby - Teenage Creature - US, CA?
10/ Earthlings - Landing of the Daleks - UK
11/ Emersons - Mister Jekyll & Doctor Hyde - US, NY
12/ Franz Joham - Fantasmas Twist - ESP
13/ Gene Granville with Delresse - Horror Rockin Dance - US, NJ?
14/ Gene Ski & Troubardours - Six Foot Down - US, WI
15/ Gin Gillette - Train To Satanville - US, CA
16/ Glen Goza - Mad Doctor - US, TX
17/ Jimmy Dee & Meteors - The Monster Hop - US, AZ
18/ Jimmy Minor - Satan's Chauffeur - US, AK
19/ Luis 'Vivi' Hernandez - El Fantasma - MX
20/ Luis 'Vivi' Hernandez - L - La Bruja
21/ Monstrosities - Dance Along With Dracula (Doin' the Drac) - US, NY
22/ Monstrosities - Sing Along With Dracula (Arggh!) - US, NY
23/ Orchestra Bruno Martino - Il diavolo - I
24/ Raiders - Hocus Pokus - US, TX
25/ Rod Willis - Th Cat - US, ?
26/ Sal & Watchers - Spooky - US, NY
27/ Three D's - Graveyard Cha Cha - US, MA
28/ Tinglers - The Tingler - US, CA
29/ Verdicts - The Mummy's Ball - US, NY
30/ Wade Denning - King Kong - US, NC
31/ Wicked - The spider and the fly - US, CA
32/ Jimmie Haskell & Orchestra - Hydrazine - US, CA?

Mummies and monsters in comments!
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