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UC327 – 60s (mostly) Uncomped - Bosporus Beat

As promised, here’s more uncompiled tracks from the Bosporus. As the Turkish 60s scene has been quite meticulously covered by various labels (most of all, the Altin Microfon series) it was not an easy task to dig out more, unheard gems, so prepare for a version of “Jerico” in double speed,  and the pauses in Hippy Hippy Shake. As in about 1967/68 Turkish groups (rightly) felt they had to get over the English language-hurdle, they started to sing in Turkish, incorporating elements of (mostly Anatolian) folk music, and Psychedelia, of course.  Exceptionally the last 5 tracks on this set come are from the early 70s, but don’t be afraid, no heavy rock here! It all changed soon later when the Islamic regime took over, and musicians were spied on, accused for undermining the political and cultural system, and even thrown in jail. Still, until today Turkey can boast a rich bag of dance and pop music, and Rock. I hope you’ll dig my selection and don’t be disturbed by the record sleeves that might show the artists on horses, or dressed in traditional costumes of the deserts of Anatolia. Remember we’re in the mythical and mystical land of the Capadoccia, translated “Land of beautiful horses”.  Heya!

01/ Erol Esin & Akisler Orkestrası - Emniyet 66
02/ Barış Manço & Harmoniler - The Jet  (62)
03/ Şevket Uğurluer & Arkadaşları – Jerico (64)
04, 05/ Barış Manço - Quelle Peste - Un Amour Que Toi (65)
06, 07/ Cahit Oben - I Wanna Be Your Man – Hippy Hippy Shake (live) (65)
08, 09/ Erkut Taçkın – Cadillac (66) - Reach Out (67)
10, 11/ Silüetler – The Beat goes on - Roly Poly (67)
12/ İstanbul Erkek Lisesi - You Are Better Man Then I  (68)
13, 14/ Mavi Isiklar -Ain't that so – Tani Bela  (68)
15,16/ Fen Lisesi - Drama Köprüsü - Bad Times Come Again No More - (68)
17/ Umur Kirgöz & Doruk Onatkut Orkestrasi  - Bağdat Yolu (68)
18/ Erol Büyükburç - Artık Sevmeyeceğim (69)
19/ Marc Aryan - Nasıl Evlenirsin Bu Lisanla (69)
20/ Mavi Isiklar - Aşk Çiçeği (71)
21/Çetin InöntepeOrkestasi -Kacamaszin Sen Benden (69)
22/ Barış Manço - Fil ile Kurbağa (72)
23/ Çığrışım - Kars'a Giderim Kars'a (70)
24/ Selçuk Alagöz - Edremit Van’a Bakar (72)
25/ Ersen & Moğollar - Garip gönlüm (72)

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