michaelvee (michaelvee) wrote,

UC325 60s (mostly) uncomped; Cool Canada, pt. 5

I’m not sure if there are any prairies in Canada, but , somehow, the picture might give an idea of the more “rural” beat sounds of the nation. So here we are back again in the bilingual lands (besides Belgium and Swiss). Of course, in Quebec and Ontario there was a big need of French adaptments of the hits of today (yesterday), so you’ll hear many  covers on this set I hope you’ll enjoy. Also, I’ve thrown some live recordings and  TV appearances in the mix, and there’s lots of originals as well. To my best knowledge, none of my tracks have been compiled or issued on anthologies, Canadian productions apart, maybe.  At any rate, this set, as usual, comes with a nice  booklet featuring bios, unseen band pix  and label shots. I’m sure  someone out there will appreciate. Let me know.

01/ Shades - Grandfather's Clock
02/ Barry Allen - Flame of Love
03/ Minous Blancs, Les - Pour mon anniversaire je voudrais un Classels
04/ Baronets, Les - L'Amour, Ça Fait Pleurer
05/ Silhouettes, Les - Anna
06/ Alléluias, Les - Alléluias, Les  -   Fiers de notre temps
07/ Alléluias, Les - Juke Box
08/ Frankie Angel & Auréoles - Ne reviens pas
09/ Robbie Lane & Disciples - Memphis (on TV)
10/ Nocturnals w/ Fred Latremouille - Louie Louie (live on TV)
11/ Nocturnals, Les - [She really loves me ]
12/ Miladys, Les - Donne - Moi Ton Amour
13/ Motifs - [Shine on Sun] (life)
14/ Centaurs - Be happy
15/ Centaurs - Hungry
16/ Centaurs - On your Way
17/ Exl's - You Really Got Me (live)
18/ Atomes, Les - Cigale, ma Cigale
19/ Atomes, Les - Kilimanjaro
20/ Démonaires, Les - Tu M'appartiens
21/ Vip-Airs, Les - Je vais rire
22/ Mersey's, Les - Je Suis Las
23/ Phenomènes, Les - Tu ne me croiras jamais
24/ Scarabés, Les - Pompiers
25/ Sparrow - Down goes your Love Life
26/ Paupers - Never sent you Flopwers
17/ Moribonds, Les - Mr. Taxman
28/ Flégmatiques, Les - Petite Soeur
29/ Poppy Family - Paper Sun (live on TV)
30/ Message, Le - Un Partie De Son Coeur
31/ Luths, Les - Ma petite sorcière
32/ Yankey - Jamais dire no

Salmons in comments
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