michaelvee (michaelvee) wrote,

eYeGeNeYe presents: Beat Wunderbar; Un-Lost Tommyknockers; RiP #17

I’m afraid, my friend the late great Lolly Pope will  draft up an apostolic exhortation to reproach me for my short fallings. In fact, he rarely repeated tracks from anthologies and only exceptionally he put more tunes by the same group on one same set, and I have walked that way of exception.  Up to 4 tracks from the same group, and several which have appeared on some rare anthologies which I’m sure you don’t want to hear all the way through but only the tunes that sound more in the Beat vein. In between, of course, many unknown groups and rare tidbits from acetates. Maybe someone can shed a light on them. My top group on this selection is The Mersey Beats from Lillipool, I found an unreleased tune and some wacky photos you might enjoy..  So I hope my Pope will be generous with his humble Postulatius and forgive me that this set is breaking the rule of reliquies , comprehending that they all are worth to be picked up from the holy catacombs to be served to the community. Let the good times roll!

01/ Grant Tracy & Sunsets - Taming Tigers
02/ Grant Tracy & Sunsets - Say when
03/ Dave Dacosta & Strollers - Pony Time
04/ Dave Dacosta & Strollers - Peanut Butter
05/ Johnny Taylor & Strangers - It'll Be Me
06/ Johnny Taylor & Strangers - Tossin' and Turnin'
07/ Johnny Taylor & Strangers - The Climb
08/ Dale Adams - I'm the lonely One
09/ Mersey Monsters - Watch your Step
10/ Nutrons - The very best Things
11/ Kenny & Wranglers - What'd I Say (live)
12/ Packabeats - Here Comes That Feeling
13/ Rising Sons - Talk To Me Baby
14/ Cruisers - It ain't me Babe
15/ Cruisers - Baby what you want me to do
16/ Karl Stuart & Profiles - Not A Girl In A Million
17/ Tea Set - Ready Steady Go
18/ Ritchie Peters & For-Tunes - Casting My Spell
19/ Ritchie Peters & For-Tunes - Say now
20/ Ritchie Peters & For-Tunes - Tell Little Linda
21/ Ritchie Peters & For-Tunes - St, James Infirmary
22/ [unknown] - Messin' around
23/ John Smith & New Sound - Send Her Home
24/ John Smith & New Sound - Don't break it up
25/ Peter Fenton - Walking In Circles
26/ Searchers - Crazy Dreams
27/ Simon - Mrs. Lillyco
28/ Young Idea - Gotta Get Out The Mess I'm In
29/ Skinny Cat (?) - [In the Forest]

For 29 Wunderbars see comments
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