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eYeGeNeYe presents: Vinyl Fun

This is definitely too good and too funny not to post it! All tracks come from youtube channel VinylFun and the name couldn’t have been chosen better. I promise, each track I’ve picked is better that the next, and you won’t keep from laughing about discs melted to the table, Chinese chop suicide, c-sides and sea-sides, unreliable geezers, and impossible names like Engelbert Humperdink (instead of Fred) . All tracks (except one) come from the UK and stand for a British tradition of ‘fun’ records (spoken or vocal) that is much different to that one of the American “Novelty” records. From Peter Sellers to Marty Feldman and even Benny Clark, I have selected 32 vocal recordings, all with a swing, and many with electrical gueetars. You will hear singers stepping out of the chorus, dropping their sneakers to follow like a shadow, and locked in the echo-box. My set ends with a lovely version of that unforgettable “End of the Season”, as originally done by … the Kinks! I still wonder what’s funny about Benny Hill’s poised "Garden of Love” and “Andalusian Gypsies” and were the 'Boom Oo Yatta-Ta-Ta' and the 'Rama Lama Ding Dong' and the “Pop Shewhupshewhup” went. You will find out.
PS Go visit the VinylFun channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChWtm9ECkSBPx6lkL5-_dIg)  and you will sure discover more funny records (that man has great taste, hats off) .

01/ Lance Persival - We're The Guys (Who Drive Your Baby Wild
02/ Lance Persival - Me And My Shadow
03/ Lance Persival - The Disc
04/ Barbara Windsor, Harry Fowler, Kenny Lynch - I'm Not That Sort Of A Girl
05/ Barbara Windsor, Harry Fowler, Kenny Lynch - It Had Better Be A Wonderful Lie
06/ Des O'Connor - Thin Chow Min
07/ Kenneth Cope & Breakaways - Hands Off, Stop Muckin' About
08/ Lance Persival - Dancing in the Streets tonightt
09/ Lance Persival - Riviera Cayf
10/ Lance Persival - You're jokin', of course
11/ Morecambe & Wise - Boom Oo Yatta - Ta - Ta
12/ Miss X - S.E.X  (I).
13/ Kenny & Cash - The 'b' side
14/ Kenny & Cash - Knees
15/ Lance Persival - Shame And Scandal In The Family
16/ Lance Persival - My Girl, My Shirl
17/ Mike & Bernie Winters - That Man Batman
18/ Lance Persival - Our Jim
19/ Lance Persival - If I had wings
20/ Terry Scott - I like Birds
21/ Benny Hill - My Garden of Love
22/ Benny Hill - The Andalucian Gypsies
23/ Bruce Forsyth - I'm Backing Britain
24/ Barbara Windsor - Don't Dig Twiggy
25/ Barbara Windsor - Swinging London
26/ Harry H. Corbett & Unidentified Flower Objects - Flower Power Fred
27/ Joan Sims - Sweet Lovely Whatsisname'
28/ Ronnie Corbett - Big Man
29/ Lance Persival - I've Been Left Behind
30/ Tommy Cooper - Happy Tommy
31/ Tommy Cooper - Tom Tom The Pipers Son
32 Lance Persival - End Of The Season

Swingletop Ruffleton (or whatwashis name?) In comments
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