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UC314a/b - 60s (mostly) uncomped - Scratching The Beer-Beat-Barrel, Teil 10

Who would have thought I’ dig up 50 more German tidbits in just 3 months time (volume # 12 was launched in December 2019)? Well, you only have to scratch the Beer-Beat-Barrel deep down to the bottom,  sort the wheat from the chaff (i.e. separate the Schlager molasses from the Beat influenced 45s), and then look what’s uncompiled / un-anthologized and what is not: Here’s what is left: overheard and underrated ditties you sure have looked down on in the 60s (would you ever have bought a Lou von Burg or Peter Horton single?). I admit, many tracks of my collection are borderline to Schlager and Humpta, anyway, after 55 years many sound quite interesting and many deliver hilarious lyrics in excellent dada-English the Germans are famous for and I love so much. I packed some spoken bits from the Defa-film “Heisser Sommer” plus a few live tracks and some romantic songs in the mix, I hope you’ll dig (the words to “Der Regen singt ein Lied” and “Straße der Sehnsucht" are actually very nice). Special thanks go out to Maik Murano, Uwe Dieterich, Antenna Mondo X, Dritter Polizist and to Rüdiger Osterman of the Shot Guns (augezeichneter Geschmack und bestes Gespür, meine Herren!); if you browse their youtube channels you might find more appealing sounds from Germany and surrounding nations. Now let’s see how long it takes to Teil 11… In the meantime, enjoy the Krauts, comrades! 


01/ Gents - Mr. California
02/ Jet Blacks on't they remember - UK / D
03/ Shot Guns - Bye bye Johnny (live)
04/ Shot Guns - Walkin' the Dog -
05/ Bert Berger - Wulle Wulle - AUS
06/ Continental Brothers - Only lonely me
07/ Lords - Che sera sera (live)
08/ Perrys, die - Balla Balla
09/ Perrys, die - Hang on Sloopy
10/ Beats - Und der Regen singt ein Lied
11/ Tielman Brothers  Du gehst vorüber
12/ Firestone-Band - She's about a mover
13/ Chris Doerk & Frank Schöbel - Heisser Sommer - GDR
14/ Peter Haupt - Eine Welt ohne Licht
15/ Monkey Hunters - Living with me
16/ Shawn - Sunshine Superman
17/ Nick Munro - Wenn das die Liebe ist
18/ Lou van Burg - Lumpi - NL
19/ Peter Horten - Laß sie laufen - AUS
20/ Firestones - Ballad of Rain
21/ Uwy Heens - Unsere Liebe ist nicht mehr - AUS
22/ Cordies, die - Hello little Kathy Anne
23/ Daisy Clas - Love need love
24/ Tony Enghy - Sei nie traurig - DK
25/ Jay Five - Frischwärts Song (Trink Coca Cola)

01/ Reveilles – So long, ich muss jetzt gehen
02/ Tommy Kent - Sweet Baby Sweet
03/ Liverpool Cracks - I feel fine
04/ Four Jewels - My skinny Minnie
05/ Shot Guns r. Feelgood
06/ Shot Guns - You really got me
07/ Peggy & Jack - Marmopr, Stein und Eisen bricht
08/ Perrys, die - Jyok-A-Mot- A-Hucke-Packe- Ju-Ju-Hand
09/ Perrys, die - Keep on Dancing
10/ Tonics - Unsere Liebe ist zu Ende
11/ Peter Kraus - Straße der Sehnsucht
12/ Firestone-Band - Little Honda
13/ Frank Schöbel - Wir - GDR
14/ Heinz Harden - Pretty Flamingo
15/ Red  Cats - I'm a believer
16/ King George & Butlers - To the Sky
17/ Andy Fisher - The Telephone
18/ Soul Sisters - Rescue me
19/ Thunderbirds - Like Satisfaction
20/ Torpids - Keinen Kuss im Sonnenschein
21/ Wilderness - Good Time bad Times
22/ Jimmy James - Die Modenschau - UK
23/ Jimmy James - Lonely Man - UK
24/ Rattles - Funkausstellung Düsseldorf 1970

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