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60s (mostly) uncomped Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "michaelvee" journal:

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December 7th, 2017
11:15 am


UC243 – Non-Garage 5

Either too early, too stupid, too commercial, too wild or too childish, the 30 tunes collected here were often recorded in aim to jump on the (whatever?) wagon and mostly published (or should have gotten published) under the dubious "Novelty- Record" tag.
Well, again (for the 5th time) my tunes are definitely not Garage, although….. some affinities do shine through, like the occasional fuzz, stripped to the bone recording, we-have- to- be-out-by-tomorrow-  production, and non- conformist approach bursting out in hilarious FUN!
I’m afraid, the Non-Garage - series might become my favorite one, and I hope I’ve managed to dig up 60s single-records forgotten or never heard before. At any rate,  tunes that defy classification but might encounter the tastes of Garage-aficionados and alike. But now, unhook seat-belts, and enjoy the voyage through unabashed stupidity!
(pic: Hazy Osterwald Sextett)

Tracklist and Fun in the comments!

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November 23rd, 2017
10:45 am


UC242 – Beat from the Boot, pt, 7

Who said that diggin’ in Italy’s 60s you don’t find any nuggets no more? False, my friends, as this set will hopefully prove. To my best knowledge, none of the 31 tracks have ever seen the light of reissues before, and they all sure deserve to be saved from oblivion. I also have excluded tracks that did appear on private compilations such as Caveman’s Atto di Forza series et al.  I don’t tell you what my favorite tracks are, but I assure you there’s a lot. Finally, if you read the booklet attached, you’ll find out more facts and ditties such as about Lolita (R.i.P.) who got brutally murdered (case still unresolved!), the never heard Mexican recording by Caterina Caselli with a unknown group, and Pier Pasolini supported group Chetro & Co.. The only question remaining is: will there be Beat from The Boot Vol.8?

(tracklist in comments)

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November 16th, 2017
05:22 pm


UC241 Verlorene Mädchen Teil 5

While compiling this set I was aware I will be risking to trespass the border to dreadful German Schlagermusik, rightly also known as Humpta Humpta. But at the end, I noted that many of the sounds I collected recall Ska, Calypso, and Mexican Brass music. I admit this set might be appreciated mostly by my German speaking followers, and I really wonder if those who don’t will get their kicks out of it as well. For sure, as for originals as for cover versions, Germans took the job very serious to translate the original English text or write a new one which could never be superficial or ridiculous but had to “make a sense”. German quality, that is. That’s the reason why you’ll enjoy truly hilarious (and sometimes deeply serious) lyrics. Anyway, I’m happy the girls here hail not only from Germany but from the US, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, the UK, and even Japan and make this compilation appealing not only for German speaking listeners, I hope. Tracks are from 1964 to 1973 ( but don’t be afraid), in alphabetical order (My girls don’t mind). Sorry for some bad audio, I couldn’t get it better. Have fun y’all!

PS: good dbs and forums for German 60s music are http://www.rocknroll-schallplatten-forum.de, and http://memoryradio.de
PPS. Most of the tracks where posted on youtube by WaroftheSaucerman - Indien kann warten – Andrea Götze , vielen Dank furs Teilen Leute!

tracklist in comments

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November 7th, 2017
09:01 am


Un-Lost Tommyknockers, The RiP Edition, R.i.P. #10

For the tenth time now, I’m flying the flag once hoisted by the Lolly Pope. After so many rarities saved from oblivion, the risk is, the well of UK Beat is running dry and you’re scraping the bottom. Let’s put it this way: The combos and artists collected here are mostly losers, they all have somehow missed the train to success but still deserve to be heard. And as I know my pal Wenne the Pope loves losers, I’m 100% sure he will enjoy this set. Some tracks might have slipped his attention, others might be new even to him, and I’ve put some special features in the mix that maybe have been sampled somewhere else but are too good to be forgotten. The sets are more or less in chronological order and cover a mixed bag of genres like pre-Beat, Soulish sounds, some ballades and a few psychedelic gumdrops. Last track is dedicated to Wenne, we never talked about them but I’m sure he must have loved the Bonzos, so take my devotion to Viv, mate, next time you meet him… Halleluyeah!

CD #
01/ Gamblers - Can I See You Tonight
02/ Long & Short - The Letter
03/ Bobby Shafto - Who wouldn't love a girl like that
04/ Liverpool Beats - Maybe I will
05/ Liverpool Beats - Tell me I'm the One
06/ Saxons - I’m A Hog For You Baby
07/ Saxons - A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
08/ Bats - Lovers Lie Sleeping (EIRE)
09/ Lancastrians - Not The Same Anymore
10/ Lancastrians - There’ll Be No More Goodbyes
11/ Casey Jones & Governors - Casey's New Hand Jive
12/ Crickets Show Band - Monkey Time (EIRE)
13/ Mick & Malcolm - In A Game Of Chess
14/ Mick & Malcolm - Two Or Three Minutes Of Time
15/ Me & Others - Love Is Not A Game
16/ John Smith & New Sound - You Don’t Know Like I Know (Live)
17/ Barney J. Barnes & Intro - Can't Stand The Pain
18/ Barney J. Barnes & Intro - It Must Be Love
19/ Pneumania - I Can See Your Face
20/ Sounds Around - What Does She Do
21/ Jeeps - The Music Goes Round
22/ Warren J. Five - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
23/ Warren J. Five - Too Many Fish In The Sea
24/ Five Steps Beyond - Yes I Do

CD #2
01/ Moquettes - Right String Baby, But The Wrong Yo - Yo
02/ UK's - I will never let you go
03/ Mike Berry - It comes and goes
04/ Billy Pepper & Pepperpots - Seems To Me
05/ Denny Seyton & Sabres - I Think Of You
06/ Denny Seyton & Sabres - I Think Of You  -  Candy Man
07/ Joey & Gentlemen - Dummy Dum Song
08/ Lancastrians - Never Gonna Come On Home
09/ Lancastrians - Let’s Lock The Door
10/ Linda Laine & Sinners - All I Wanna Do is run
11/ Linda Laine & Sinners - Don't do it Baby
12/ Isabella Bond & Top Ten Allstars - You Can't Lie To A Liar
13/ Ian & Zodiacs - All Of Me (Live)
14/ Dave Lacey & Corvettes - That's What They All Say
15/ Gamblers - It Seems So Long
16/ Hi-Fi’s - Baby's in Black
17/ Hi-Fi’s - Grade "A" Girl
18/ Summer Set - I Wanna Be Lonely
19/ Force West - Desolation
20/ Force West - What's It To Be
21/ Marshall Scott Etc. - Same Old Feeling
22/ Marshall Scott Etc. - I’m Going Where The Loving Is
23/ Krew - Mary Mary
24/ Art Movement - Yes Sir... No Sir
25/ Big Grunt - Eleven Mustachioed Daughters (Live)

goodies in comments


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October 31st, 2017
09:41 am


UC240a/b – US Garage Gems #32

Who said the creek of Garage goodies is running dry? Not even 2 month have gone since my last edition of the series, and in the meantime I’ve collected 60 more tunes , and to my best knowledge none of the tracks was ever compiled before.  Some of the groups‘ stories are covered by the phenomenal GarageHangOver site (Hi Chris!) and the fab BasementWalls blogspot , weather many other  bands seem lost in oblivion. At any rate, you’ll hear a pretty wild collection loosely put in order from 1964 to 1968, with a few ballads and some TV-spots thrown in the mix.  (The Illusions‘ "Burning Ember“ is my favorite track,  I’m afraid, but also The Glencoves’ Keep away,  The Coronaders’ Center of Attraction and The Trackers‘ Jilted Fever). I’m sure you dig.  If you know some missing data on the groups, let me know.

01/ M-3s - When The Party's Over - US, ?
02/ Glencoves - Keep Away From My Gal - US, NY
03/ Michael Troy & Pharoahs - Why did my lover run away - US, AR
04/ Jesse J. & Bandits - Honey Love - US, MN
05/ Jesse J. & Bandits - Stomp your feet - US, MN
06/ Vectors - Shortnin bread - US, CA
07/ U.S. Beatles - Beach Girl - US, ?
08/ Gene & Teen Beats - I'll Carry On - US, VA
09/ Illusions - Burning Embers - US, MA
10/ Jones & Dukes - Do it to me Baby - US, IN
11/ Jones & Dukes - Please Come Home - US, IN
12/ Tangents - Till I Came Along - US, CA
13/ Coronados - Center of Attraction - US, FL
14/ Coronados - What can I do - US, FL
15/ Dominos - Around The World Across The Sea - US, IL
16/ Gary & Hornets - Wieners spot - US, OH
17/ Group - I Don't Believe (live at the Whisky A-Go-Go) - US, ?
18/ Roemans - Love (That's All I Want) - US, FL
19/ Blue Beats - And your bird can sing - US, CT
20/ Band Without A Name - Time after time (I keep on lovin you) - US, CA
21/ Nick Jaggi Trio - That's the way to Fly - US, PA
22/ Alphabetical Order - Under My Thumb - US, KY
23/ Blue Mist - A Common Place (acetate) - US, CT
24/ Mourning Ours - Shake - US, IL
25/ Oxfords - (Theres) Always Something There To Remind Me - US, KY
26/ Lewis & Clarke Expedition - Destination Unknown - US, CA
27/ Spoon -  I don't know what it is - US, IN
28/ M.F.Q. - Lifetime - US, CA

01/ Missing Links - What I'd say - US, MA
02/ Trackers - Jilted Fever - US, ?
03/ Blackwells - (Won't Cha) Show Me Around - US, CA
04/ Cannonballs - Johnny B. Goode - US, PA
05/ Cannonballs - Be - Bop - A - Lula - US, PA
06/ Tommy Roe & Roemans - Oh So Right - US, GA
07/Tommy Roe & Roemans - Diane From Manchester Square - US, GA
08/ Michael D. - There Ain't Nothing To It - US, TX
09/ Royal Jones & Dukes - Searchin' - US, IN
10/ Royal Jones & Dukes - Walkin' the Dog - US, IN/
11/ [unknown] - [My heart] - ?
12/ Coronados - Hitch Hike - US, FL
13/ Vibra - Sonics - Your Love - US, NC
14/ Clann - Stubborn Kind Of Fellow - US, MO
15/ Stix & Stonz - I can't quit - US, IN
16/ Repulsives - Ban spot - US, ?
17/ M.F.Q. - Come On In (on TV) - US, CA
18/ Thomas A. Edison Electric Band - Sally Sally - US, PA
19/ Pidgie - Back Where You Belong - US, NY
20/ Simon T. Stokes - Big City Blues - US, CA
21/ Joyful Noise - Known The World Over - US, MA
22/ Talismen - Taxman - US, MI
23/ Talismen - NSU Vintage - US, MI
24/ Shags - What am I to do - US, IL
25/ Alliance - Listen Girl - US, ME
26/ Thomas Group - Autumn - US, CA
27/ Underground Experience - Movin' - US, ME
28/ Edison Electric Band - 5th Class mail - US, PA

links in comments
(the files will read "part 31" but it'll be part 32)

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October 22nd, 2017
04:50 pm


I think I have re-upped all dead links that were deleted by Zippyshare. If you find more stiff ones, let me know.  from now on, you will find the links in the comments.

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October 20th, 2017
10:45 am


- Interlude - Siam Sound, A private Collection

This has nothing to do with Garage, not even with Pop or Psyche.  But I promise it’s hyper-psychedelic , strange hypnotic sounds all the way through that will open your inner eye and take you on a flight above the paddy fields of Chian Rai to the dance halls of Ang Thong, from Luk-thung ("Country songs") to Malam tunes. I can’t say when exactly these songs were recorded, somewhere from 64 to 1982, as Soundway indicates on its 2 “Siam Sound”  CDs of which I’ve borrowed a few tracks. The recording date really doesn’t matter though since the music will take you back to cultures whose roots were planted under the Khmer empire and in the Reign of Siam. And once the singers and singeresses have warmed up their voices, I’m sure they will capture you with their unique mysterious charms. I have to apologize for the incomplete tracklist as it wasn’t easy (and sometimes impossible) to transliterate Thai to our alphabet.
PS thanks go out to Youtube channel "Thai Funk"


01/ อีสาน - หงษ์ทอง ดาวอุดร Isan - Hongthong Daoudon
02/ หม่าข้าวแล้วบ้อ - สมาน เทียมจันทร์ -  [Rice Paddy Fields] -  Saman Tieamchan
03/ สามเกลอเที่ยวกรุง - เทพพร เพชรอุบล - Saam Gler Tiew Krung - Thepporn Petchubon
04/ ลำเพลินสลับเพลง - ชบาไพร นามวัย - Chabaprai Namwai-
05/ ลำเพลินชมสาว - ร้อยเอ็ด เพชรสยาม Lam Plearn Chom Sao - Roi-Et Petchsiam
06/ ลำเพลินเมากัญชา - Lam Plearn Mao Kancha
07/ ลำเพลินเชิญยิ้ม ชบาไพร นามวัย - Annnanang Kunchai [I’m glad to see you]
08/ ลำเพลินเจริญใจ - ดาว บ้านดอน - Lam Plearn Charoen Jai - Dao Bandon
09/ ลำเต้ยฉวีวรรณ - ฉวีวรรณ ดําเนิน  - - Lam Toey Chaweewan - Chaweewan Dumnern
10/ คอยเจ็ดวัน - สใบแพร บัวสด
11/ เลิกเหล้าดื่มนม สรเพชร - ภิญโญ ]
12/ เต้ยหัวหงอกหยอกสาว - สมาน หงษา - เทียมจันทร์ ดวงดารา
13/ เต้ยสลับพม่า - อังคนางค์ คุณไชย - Toey Salab Pama - Annnanang Kunchai 
14/ เจ็บจริงเจ็บใจ - Jeb Jing Jeb Jai
15/  Annnanang Kunchai (Track #9 from CD)
16/ จนแท้น้อ - เทพพร เพชรอุบล : - Jon Thae Nor - Thepporn Petchubon
17/ เพลงสายตาพิฆาต - Pimjai Petchapalaychai -

link: see comments


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October 19th, 2017
10:09 am


UC239 – Cool Canadia, part 2

For the second time in cool Canada. As one may expect, we get a load of francophile cover versions tho’ I skipped the pedestrian ones and I hope the tracks I selected all excel by slight differences / interpretations and have a special twist. I promise none of the tunes are lame and none has never been reissued before, stunningly, not even in the homeland as far as I could check. At any rate  I think the whole set will prove that Canadian Beat is topmost! (and maybe the Révoltes’ splendid version on Good Times is the precursor of Dub?)

PS.: I have to send a huge thank you to Benjamin Shulman who posted most of the tracks on his youtube channel, great taste mate!

1/ Neil Sheppard - Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt
2/ Frères Flamingo, Les - Dansez Le Shake
3/ Noel Delisle & Kon - Dors - Au Beau Pays Du Quebec
4/ Bel - Air, Les - Thunderball
5/ Ardels - So Glad You're Mine
6/ Donald Lautrec - La Fille Qui Me Plait
7/ Lynx, Les - Petit Frère
8/ Dean Curtis & Lively Set - Stuck On Yourself
9/ Du - Cats - Maybelline
10/ Du - Cats - Good Thing Going
11/ Ook - Piks, Les - I can tell
12/ Ook - Piks, Les - I don't love you
13/ Del - Hirs, Les - Elle m’attend
14/ Cesar & les Romains - Tu n'ameis que moi
15/ Hou - Lops, Les - Quand On Est Amoureux
16/ Rising Sons - Land of 1000 Dances
17/ Copains, Les - Le Short Short
18/ Héritiers, Les - Bella Dalida
19/ Aristocrates, Les - Pourquoi
20/ Pierre Guitare - Oui Je L'aime
21/ Vip-Airs, Les - Ne Le Sais Tu Pas
22/ Sinners, Les - L'Herbe Est Verte Mais Je Suis La
23/ Arthur - Dites-moi pourquoi
24/ Spectre, Le - Je veux t’aimer
25/ Bob et les Damik's - Dans cette ville
26/ Lennie Richards & Nomads - Come On Now
27/ Révoltés, Les - Le bon temps
28/ Baronets, Les - If you want me it’s alright

link see comments

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October 12th, 2017
08:50 am


dead links "2
seems that Zippyshare has banned me, i'll find another hoster.. give some days, and I'll re-up all dead files soon

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October 10th, 2017
06:21 pm


Interlude – Encyclopedia of British Bands, The Early Sixties

This is a true gem, my friends!  I found these pre Beat tunes at the youtube channel “Paul Loneliness” (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmzCIhFcevGk0uHYiUUJrLA), divided in 11 parts, and it was an easy job to make 2 CDs (and a little booklet) from it. Kindly, the author gave me his permission to post the set here, so you’re lucky to get 45 tunes of which only 16 tracks have appeared somewhere else tho here they are inserted in the right time frame. I think this set proves that the tunes and bands were musical “humus” for the Beatles when they played the Cavern, so it seems the Fab Four didn’t actually have to “invent” from scratch. Not sure if it’s thanks to the author’s great taste, but to my ears none of the tracks sound lame, not even the slower ballads.  I hope you’ll dig the pre Beat sound as much as I do. Huge thanks go out to Paul (or whatever is his real name)!


01 - Are You back in My World Now (the Cherokees)
02 - Sugar Love (the Allisons)
03 - A Thing of the Past (Mike Sheridan & the Nightriders)
04 - Bound to Lose my Heart (the Fourmost)
05 - Forever and Always (Dave Lee & the Staggerlees)
06 - Don't Forget to Write (the Escorts)
07- The Little Things That I Like (Ian & the Zodiacs)
08  I Believe (the Staggerlees)
09 - Forget the Other Guy (Tommy Quickly & the Remo Four)
10 - I'll Cross My Fingers (the Allisons)
11 - Send Me All Your Love (the Cherokees)
12- Put Your Arms Around Me (the Cresters)
13  Tell Me Baby (the Escorts)
14- Tears On My Pillow (the Dennisons)
15 - I Don't Understand (the Brumbeats)
16 - Just a Kiss (Denny Seyton & the Sabres)
17 - I Know Something (Earl Preston & the TT's)
18 - As You Used to Do (Ian & the Zodiacs)
19 - You Better Let Him Go (Keith Powell & the Valets)
20 - Don't Cry For Me (Mark Peters & the Silhouettes)
21 - Come On Girl (the Redcaps)
22 - This Boy (the Swinging Blue Jeans)
23 - You Left Me Alone (the Strangers)



01 - If You Love Me (Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers)
02 - Please Stay (Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders)
03 - I Fell For You (the Honeycombs)
04 - Every Little Kiss (Mike Berry)
05 - Only You Can Do It (the Vernon Girls)
06 - I Know a Girl (the Remo Four)
07 - There'll Be Times (the Mountain Kings)
08 - You'll Get No Loving That Way (the Escorts)
09 - Stop Your Crying Little Girl (the Kavern Four)
10 - Misery (the Merseyboys aka the Brumbeats)
11- Yours Forever (the Blue Stars)
12 - So Glad (the Mountain Kings)
13 - I Know (Chick Graham & the Coasters)
14 - Clap Your Hands (Dave Lacey & the Corvettes)
15 - Don't You Know (the Mountain Kings)
16 - This Won't Happen to Me (Ian & the Zodiacs)
17 - The One To Cry (the Escorts)
18 - This Little Girl (Mike Berry & the Innocents)
19 - Janie (Mark Peters & the Silhouettes)
20 - So Much in Love With You  (Ian & the Zodiacs)
21 - You Don't Have to Whisper (the Dimensions)
22- What a Way (the Strangers)


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