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UC168 - The Greeks Beat Back, Pt. 4 - 60s (mostly) uncomped
March 7th, 2014
11:41 am


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UC168 - The Greeks Beat Back, Pt. 4
zz Baronetti
Who would have thought we’d spend some more time in Greece? I have to thank my namesake Michael from garagetapes.blogspot who sent me what must be his complete archive of Greek 60s bands. (Asking him which tunes he’d suggest for this new installment he told me he’d never listen to Greek bands!). With his daily (and nightly) mails of encouragement and suggestions and his good humor (translations and transcriptions a part) he successfully helped me to endure what’s a rough time for me. So this new installment is a proof of good friendship for all of you to share. After part 3, I was afraid to do a new Greek compilation would end up like scraping the bottom of the barrel, but I hope you’ll agree that the result actually has become another interesting example of that unique approach of the Greek beat-combos, to my ears closer to Jamaica, Latin America, Africa, Turkey and also France than to England and the USA. Enjoy!

pic: Baronetti (apparently not the eponymous band from Italy / Sardinia)

1/ Flayers - Ena trello seik (One Crazy Shake)
2/ Greeks - Lena
3/ Sky Rockets - Can't ask no more
4/ Blue Rocks - Mia stigmi (Just a moment)
5/ Strangers - Telos (The End)
6/ Loubogg - Somebody loses
7/ Polizzi Brothers (I) - Valte mou dio garoufalies (Plant Two Rose Bushes) (on my Grave)
8/ Fevers - Irthes esu (You Came)
9/ Greeks - Mpalanta enos mikrou (Ballad Of A Boy)
10/ Hooks - Esy (You)
11/ Olympians - Elpides (Hopes)
12/ Persons - Mono mia fora (Just Once)
13/ Rebeloi - I poli (The Town)
14/ Tony Pinelli & Storks (I / GR) -Se thelo (I Want You)
15/ Flayers - Skasiarheio (Truancy)
16/ Baronetti & Harris Papadatos - Ematha pos rotises gia mena (I Heard That You Asked About Me)
17/ Blue Birds - She looks good to me
18/ Blue Birds - The Last Human Being
19/ Loubogg - I Need You
20/ Diamonds w/ Kostas Paulidis - Fyge agapimeni (Go away my love)
21/ Vorreioi (Northeners) - Irthes Efiges (You came, you left)
22/ Demis Lucas Jr. - Koritsi pou trexeis (Girl, where are you running to)
23/ Persons - Young Girl


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Date:March 8th, 2014 11:02 pm (UTC)

Hello Friend:
A Michael comp, our friend, is at least interesting, as everything you post on your blog.
For many of us the Greek music, began and ended with Aphrodites Child, but there are many interesting bands, thanks to you, we can enjoy.
Thanks for the two
Jose Kortozirkuito.
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Date:March 9th, 2014 08:27 am (UTC)
thanks for your lines Jose, I'll pass the compliments over to Michael. Your comment is perfectly right, for most, it all started and ended with Afrodiet's Child and Demis Hairless Russos. Horrible. No doubt there was a lot of crap in the Greek 60s repertoire but still many tunes emerge.
Keep on your great labor of passion over at Tommenton (I visit your site regularly). Cheers!
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